Your 2021/2022 Business Plan Revealed

All the things that didn’t work
All the things that didn’t work
September 14, 2021
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September 28, 2021
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Your 2021/2022 Business Plan Revealed

A lot of people love the “idea” of starting their own business.

To be honest – it’s the best thing I ever did for myself, my family, my pocketbook, and my sanity!

But with building a business – we need to THINK like a “business owner.”

Part of thinking like a business owner is understanding how to.

Years ago, stuffy old dudes in suits would talk about business plans…

It’s something you don’t actually need anymore (unless you’re going after capital).

Your business plan could literally fit on a napkin!

Let’s not “overcomplicate” this.

What you DO need, is CLARITY!!

If you want to leave your J-O-B.
If you want your business to succeed.
If you want to be showing up in a consistent way.
If you want this work to be “fulfilling.”
If you want to be making that money honey.

These are the 3 things you cannot “skip over.”

These are the 3 things you need to be VERY clear on.

Think of this as your 2021/2022 business plan.

You need clarity of:
1.    WHO your right-fit client is ( and just as important who they aren’t ).
And NO – seniors, and companies, and realtors, annnnd executives, annnnd working moms, Annnnd small business owners are NOT a defined ideal client.

This type of clarity is what most people suck at. They think going after “everyone” is the easy fast way. This is actually the thing that will STOP you from making money.

Be Clear.

2.    What services you are going to provide TO those “right fit clients”.

Without this you’re marketing is going to confuse people. Every time you open your mouth people will be confused. They won’t know WHO you help. They won’t know if you can HELP them, and they certainly won’t know how to Refer you.

Look – I get it. I know you want to do “all the things”. But the general public doesn’t understand “all the things”. They understand when YOU are clear, because when you are CLEAR – you can “sell” so much easier. Which leads to more $$ in your pocket.

3.    How are you going to make money?

Saying “I think I’m going to charge $20.00/hr” is a slow painful way to FAIL Doing this only sets you up for working 60 hrs a week to make less money than you are now in your JOB.

Your pricing has to cover your time, your travel, operational costs like your gas, car cell phone, and insurance. PLUS you need marketing money.

I teach people how to STOP undercharging and how to charge the value of the services they provide. Your right-fit clients will gladly pay you. Many of my students are making $500 a month per client. Many are making $1000 a month per client. They didn’t know how to do this before. I taught them how.  I LOVE helping women make money. We deserve to make the money we want. But most women don’t have the right money mindset. It’s not your fault. It’s been passed down for generations. We historically over-give and undercharge.

Get clear on these 3 things FIRST before anything else.

Remember, this is your 2021/2022 business plan.

Want help figuring this out?

Join us at Spark Live!

In our 3 days together we will:

Design Your Business

Get clear on your right-fit clients, your vision, mission, services, and big hairy audacious goals.

Whether you’re still in the “getting ready” phase or you’ve been in business for years and know you haven’t quite figured this part out yet and it’s what’s holding you back.

Whether you’re building your biz on the side while still working a day job or you spend all your time focused on this business trying to make it work.

Monetize Your Business

STOP undercharging and wasting your time or working for others for “pennies”.  You don’t need 100 clients. You only need a handful of the “right clients”. But most people are chasing the wrong people.

Learn how to get an 18K contract with one client instead of chasing clients to make $20/hr.

Attract these high-paying clients with the right marketing. Most people do marketing all wrong. They spend time, money, and their own confidence doing things that have no return on investment. When you do this over and over – it sucks the life out of you and the wind out of your sails.

Scale Your Business

So you’ve got clients but you’re running out of time. Maybe you don’t have any more of you to go round? It starts negatively impacting your work-life balance and relationships. But most people think “hiring help” is the key. Hiring help too soon sucks all the profit right out of your business.

Scaling is the KEY to time and location freedom when done right. Travel to Europe for 3 weeks and make 28K that month! That’s what I did in May 2019. I didn’t even know this was possible when I started. Everyone else in the industry worked 50 weeks a year. One of my students just came back from spending 2 weeks in Spain. Her business grew.

This is what is available to you if you’re willing to go all-in yourself.

Go ALL in yourself and join us at Spark Live.

Get all the details here.


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