All the things that didn’t work

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September 7, 2021
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September 21, 2021
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All the things that didn’t work

All the things that didn’t work

When I tell you that I have tried it all, I mean I have tried it ALL…

Networking Groups.
Business expos.
Local Events.
Print advertising.
Giving my services away for free.
Raffling my services at big fundraising events.
Volunteering my Time to “rub elbows” with the “people with money.”
Flyers in the grocery store.
My name on pens and to-do list pads.
Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and now IG.
“Listing” Sites.
Business Listings.
Press Releases.
Flyers on people’s mailboxes in “rich neighborhoods.”
Underpricing myself ( not charging enough ).
My FACE on the cover of a magazine.
A HUGE article in our local paper about the services I offer.
A spot on TV.
…Can you relate?

I bet you think those are the things that have helped me make over a million dollars in my errand business?


Not one of those things has been a “big needle mover.”

It’s because that’s not how relationship marketing works.

STOP putting your money into all these places. (Especially if you’re just starting out).

Knowing what NOT to do is “almost” just as valuable as knowing WHAT TO DO.

Do you have a business and need more clients? THESE things I listed will not get you there in the fastest way possible.

Are you ready to “open your doors” – Don’t waste the first 3 years of your business throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks ( Unless you can wait 3 years to make any real money ).

There IS a FORMULA to getting high-paying clients that is easy to follow.

I’ll be teaching it at my upcoming event.

Are you coming?

It’s called Spark Live.

In 3 Days you’ll design your business. Monetize it ( learn how to make money ) and Scale it ( so that you can make money while your toes are in the sand on vacation ).

Discover in 3 Days what takes most people 3-4 years to learn on their own.

If they don’t give up first… Most give up by then 🙁

It makes me sad. If they only knew what I knew. And I share my 10+ years of business knowledge openly.

Want to know how to STOP making $20 an hour and how to get 18K contracts instead?

YEAH you do!!

Join us at Spark Live – I’m showing you exactly how to do this.

If you’ve got your ticket already – Consider yourself a Bad Ass!! It’s gonna be EPIC!!!

If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet? What the heck are you waiting for? Get your booty over to the registration page and GET YOUR Seat!

It’s happening over 3 Days.

Oct 21st – 23rd and for a limited Time – Tickets are only $97

Clear your schedule. Take the time off from work if you’re still in a J-O-B. Block those days off from clients. Do what you need to do to be in the room.

Oh, and if you’re thinking: “I’ll go next time” – There may not be a “next time”. And if there is – it won’t happen until 2022.

Oh, and if you’re thinking “I can’t afford it”. Honestly, then your business needs it the MOST!

Oh, and if you’re thinking “I already know all this”  .. if you’re making less than 20K a year – you don’t “know all of this”. You may have “heard this” but you don’t actually “know it.”

You owe this to your future self…

It’s time to stop doing all the crap that is sucking your time and start doing what works…

Get more details here.


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