Who is Kelly Schaefer and how did she start coaching others to start and grow personal Concierge and errand service companies?

I had never planned on being an entrepreneur. Back in 1994, as a single Mom, I pursued my dream of taking care of others.

At first, I wanted to be a lab tech and help find a cure for cancer. I quickly realized that working in a cold lab with no windows, away from PEOPLE was just NOT going to work for me. And that ugly white coat? I would never have survived!!

So, I did the only thing that made sense. I went to nursing school. I worked the night shift while going to school during the day and did the single Mom thing.

I lived on just 3-4 hours sleep a day for over 2 years. This part of my life lasted for over 20 years – I gave and gave and cared and loved my patients. But as time continued – my soul – from deep within started calling me to do something new and different.

I jokingly say I didn’t know how to do ANYTHING except take care of people, keep an organized home and I was pretty decent Mom too ?

But the thing I was always good at, was taking care of people, helping them feel loved and cared for.

But, the clients came very slowly in the beginning and I found myself sitting behind my computer more often than not – crying, wondering what I was doing “wrong”. I felt so alone… Perhaps you have felt that way too?

After lots of trial and error, and spending money where there was none I slowly began to build my client base. But it certainly was MUCH more difficult than I had anticipated.

As I learned what worked to get clients, I started tracking my progress and sharing what I was learning with other concierges. I wanted them to not feel so alone. I held quarterly meetings with other local concierges and step by step – we grew together.

More and more concierges from around the country started reaching out to me asking me for marketing advice. They wanted to learn how I had become so successful so quickly. 

And then in 2014 I was encouraged by one of my entrepreneurial sisters to do MORE to help our industry.

She asked me “If you could go back in time – what would you have WISHED you knew about starting your business and getting clients”. I begrudgingly agreed to do it.  ( She really lovingly bullied me into it! ) And on a cold Friday afternoon in February 2014 with music blasting, and a cold beer in hand – I mapped out with post it notes all over my office wall, what has now become a VERY successful coaching and training program for Concierges and Errand Service companies.

And in the Spring of 2014, I began the journey of teaching other concierges from around the world how to get more clients, make more money and increase their impact on the world.

You see, I was JUST like you!! I had a desire to help people. That’s it. I was born for this, as I’m sure YOU were too.
But what I didn’t know when I started my business is how hard it really was to get clients. I cried and wanted to give up many a time. More time then I would like to commit.

And THAT is why I teach my proven marketing methods to others, so they don’t have to do it alone.

I believe we ( the concierges of the world ) are here collectively to change the world. To make it brighter and happier for our children who will inherit it after we are long gone. WE just happen to do it through our work with our clients.

It’s my belief that –
With the right mentorship and the right guidance coupled with effective marketing, YOU TOO can create a successful concierge business. And that’s why I am here today, to be of service to you.

Whether you join us in The Concierge Academy or meet us Live in person at our next CALive event. I can’t wait to support you in reaching your goals!

Until we “meet again”,
I’m sending you hugs!!

Oh – and by the way, if you don’t know this about me, I’m a beer lovin, wildly energetic, no nonsense, tells it like it is, Beyonce dancin freak of nature that just LOVES life!!
If that’s you too – we will Totally get along ?