Marketing 101 (be sure you understand this)

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April 9, 2021
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April 20, 2021
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Marketing 101 (be sure you understand this)

Holy Guacamole! How did this happen yesterday...

Every day I walk from my mailbox straight to my recycling can…

90% of what Kim, my mail carrier brings me is “junk mail.”


Because all the people that are sending me all their advertisements haven’t quite realized they’re wasting a crap ton of $$ on me because I’m NOT a “right fit” client.

I’m NOT in the market for a Toyota, a Subaru, or a Ford.

I’m NOT in the market for outdoor furniture.

And the man who keeps leaving brochures at my front door to buy “new windows” has NO idea how to market!! Hey… buddy… this is a 5-year-old home – I am NOT in the market for new windows…

This is the difference between marketing TO your right-fit client VS marketing to a wrong fit client.

marketing TO your right-fit client is marketing 101

marketing TO your right-fit client









Marketing to a wrong fit client is what MOST marketers do… because they just throw a bunch of $$ into ads “hoping” to catch a sale…

It rarely ever works my friends…

Here’s how to be SURE you are marketing to people who are a “right-fit.”

1) These people need to HAVE a problem
2) That they have the DESIRE to solve
3) And the $$ to pay to solve it

Like the scenario above.

I DO have the money to buy new windows. BUT I don’t have a problem because I don’t need new windows.

Makes sense, right??

When I first started my business, I did NOT realize this concept. I thought “everyone” could use more time. ‘Everyone” could use a concierge. And so – I proceeded to throw my marketing out everywhere – talking to ALL the people who I “thought” could use my services – but in their minds – didn’t “have a problem.”

It’s marketing 101 and something none of the marketing books out there explained to me…

As soon as you STOP thinking “everyone” is a potential client and start focusing on who your “right fit clients” are… THAT is when “selling” your services becomes easier.

Repeat after me:

A “right fit client”

Has a problem

Wants to solve it

and has the $ to invest to solve the problem (or is willing to find the $).

Once you get this concept in your bones… marketing gets easier.

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