The Concierge Contract Collection

Establish the Legal Foundation of For Your Concierge Business 

Having your contracts in place is MORE than just making sure people pay you on time or keeping you protected from lawsuits... They can also:

  • Set expectations with clients regarding communication
  • Establish business hours and special fees (ex: milage, weekend hours, etc.)
  • Outline the process of payment, and what happens when the client DOESN'T pay
  • ​Determine the scope and authority you have over a project
  • ​Explain your confidentiality clause
  • ​Express direct permission to enter the client's home
And SO much more! 

When you own a concierge business, you become an integral part of your client’s lives. 

The very nature of a personal assistant means that you are up close and personal.

You may have access to someone’s home, their computers, their bank account, and more.

And having the proper contracts in place can help you avoid situations like...
A“nosy neighbor” thinking you're “stealing” from a senior client who was rushed into the hospital, when you're actually cleaning to make the home safe for return.
Someone trying to bail on her $1500 bill because she ended up in a bitter divorce and her husband REFUSED to pay for her “organizing” sessions.
You getting locked out of a client’s home, you're unable to reach the client, and now you're and needing to have a locksmith come evaluate the situation. 

SEE how important it is to HAVE your CONTRACTS and other documentation in place?

Here's The Truth:

When I started – there were no “contract templates” 
out there for OUR industry.
I needed to do a LOT of leg work, it took me hours and hours and hours over a course of months to create what I’m sharing with you.

But thanks to advice from my mentors and my legal team, I started creating my own legal documents. 

After I was able to answer ALL those questions I posed to you above, I took my contracts and documents and had them reviewed by a lawyer who shifted and added a few things that I would NEVER have even considered.

That consultation, even AFTER I literally created all the documents myself, cost me thousands of dollars for him to review.
And that's why I created the perfect contract template bundle for other concierge business owners. These contracts, agreements, and templates have been streamlined throughout the years to avoid miscommunication and to protect you. 

I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you as a direct result of perfecting my concierge business. 



Establish the Legal Foundation of For Your Concierge Business 
NOW, these are considered “templates” and we in no way are offering legal advice, you still need to do your own due diligence. 
But what we provide in the contract bundle is far MORE than just a few copies of paper...

Here's What You Get:

  • Full access to all our TOP used contracts that you can use as templates for your own personal concierge business
  • A 2 part training that goes over the USE of each document, when to use them, and WHY they are so important. 
  • ​Create business policies that are fully aligned with your VISION for your company and your personal business lifestyle
  • Save hours of your time researching, questioning, and trying to figure it all out on your own. 
  • ​Feel more confident in setting clear expectations and boundaries.
  • ​Save THOUSANDS of dollars asking a lawyer to create YOUR contracts and documents from SCRATCH. 
  • ​Walk away with a deeper understanding of how to set up your business for success. 

Immediately UP-LEVEL your professionalism 
and ATTRACT higher level clients with this contract collection.

Hi, I'm Kelly Schaefer.

I'm the owner of The Concierge Academy and Task Complete. I have already made all the mistakes, tested the methods and know exactly how to grow to a multiple 6-figure concierge business! 

After years of trial and error running my own Concierge business, I found the secret sauce that allowed me to grow my business into a profitable, sustainable, and extremely fulfilling career!

I believe we ( the concierges of the world ) are here collectively to change the world. To make it brighter and happier for our children who will inherit it after we are long gone.

And now, I'm sharing all my knowledge with you!

Don't just take my word for it... here's what some of our members have to say:
"I ordered the contracts on Nov. 10. I spent a few hours putting in my information and adding some COVID-19 provisions. Earlier this week I sent the contracts out to my lawyer in CT to review everything. She called me this morning and said how impressed she was with the contracts and that she didn't find any errors or mistakes that would prevent me from being able to use them. So now, I FINALLY have contracts that are legally binding in the state!!  Totally worth the money!”

Rosemary King
Heart-Led Concierge
Some of the documents and contracts that are in this bundle I didn't realize I even needed! And because I have them now I feel more protected and prepared. With the additional services I added like house sitting/ waiting services it will help those clients feel assured and these documents lay out a policy on how house keys and codes will be kept and returned. The documents also helped me create the business polices I knew I needed. 

Jamie Avent
Above and Beyond Personal Concierge

The Concierge Contract Collection is Worth THOUSANDS of Dollars...

But today, you can get all of this for just...


Order the Contract Collection to protect yourself, protect your business, and be seen as a professional. 

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NOTE: All contracts provided are for reference only and should be reviewed and approved by your own legal team for city, state, and country compliance laws before use.

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