How to Set Goals for 2022

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How Much Money Do You Want to Make This Year?
December 14, 2021
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Marketing 101 ( be sure you understand this )
January 4, 2022
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How to Set Goals for 2022

How to Set Goals for 2022

This is a special week.

This is the week I take off every year, clean my office, do a HUGE deep purge, review the last year, prepare for the new year and set new goals.

Next week I’ll be walking the members of my 100K Club through a 6 HR Strategic Planning Day. It’s epic!

By the end of the day, they know their core goal, the projects they’ll work on this year that will support that goal, and start mapping out all the actions they’ll need to take.

With “Goal setting” on my brain, I thought today would be a great day to share with you the 4 things you need to do to make your GOALS more inevitable!
Why is it important to take the time to think about and set goals?

Because goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.

Here are 4 things to do when setting YOUR Goals this year…

Each of your goals should:

1. Be written down:
Thinking about your goals is one thing, and the more you think about them, the more likely you are to reach them. But what works even better is actually WRITING your goals down!

Everyone at the strategic planning day was guided to write their goals down and to capture them on a goal card!

Writing your goals down has a way of securing them in your mind and helping to guide you each and every day – to work towards them. Many studies out there show that people who write their goals down have a MUCH higher rate of success.

2. Be specific
What is the specific thing you are trying to create? When people say, “I want my business to grow”, that is NOT specific. How big do you want your business to grow? Get really clear on the end result!

3. Be measurable:
Making a goal measurable is also important – because the best way to know you’re REACHED your goal is by having something that is easily measured. You can also TRACK your goals and see where you are on the spectrum of growth and change.

For example. Last week one of the students mentioned that she knew this year she needed to do “more networking” that THIS would be one of her biggest ACTION goals this year.

But setting a goal to do “more” isn’t specific, nor is it measurable.

But if you say “I am committing to do 5 networking events each and every month” – That is something both specific and measurable and much easier to action upon!

4. Have a deadline

What is the TIME in which you want to achieve this goal?? But be sure this is also reasonable and achievable, OR you can set yourself up for failure and self-sabotage.

If you have been consistently making $1000.00 a month in your business and your new goal is to make $10,000 a month within the next 3 months. THIS is a bit of a stretch. And then what happens is you feel defeated by your own unrealistic expectations.

Plus (side note) the universe is always in control of the when and the how!

Setting a deadline is one of the trickiest parts of goal setting (in my opinion) because we need to learn to be flexible with the outcomes but also be committed enough to KEEP taking action each and every day to move a step or two closer to meeting those goals.

So, when you write your goals on your goal card, set a deadline, but also be willing to be flexible!

So, if you set a goal to have 10K a month in sales each and every month by the end of the year – BUT you reach the end of the year and you’re consistently doing 8K in sales – this does NOT mean you have failed – this just means that the law of gestation requires a little more time! So be willing to have that goal take an extra month or two.

Whatever your goal is, know that as long as you are taking consistent action – you are getting closer and closer. But the amount of action you take is in direct proportion to how FAST ( or slow ) you will cross that finish line.

People in my programs are always BLOWING my mind at what they are creating in record time.

They tell me it’s because of “me” and “what I teach them to do”.

That is absolutely true.

But what is also true – is that they don’t give up – even when it feels hard – they just keep going – they get back up – they ask more questions – they get the guidance they need – they never stay stuck – they MOVE forward.

Tracking goals and especially “money” coming into your business is the fastest way to SEE how many lives you’ve changed. The more money you make the more impact you’re having


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