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September 21, 2021
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Holy guacamole! How did this happen…
October 5, 2021
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More Results Less Hustle

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Hustling comes from a “lack” of awareness.

It starts in your “thoughts.”

We “think” changing all of our actions is HOW we reach our goals.

Part of that is true.

You need to know “what works and what doesn’t.”

But what you also need is better-thinking thoughts. 

Taking more and more action with the same crappy thoughts of “nothing’s working” or “I don’t have enough clients” or “I can’t find people who will hire me.”

…These are all thoughts that lead to hustling.

Most people try to change their situations through their actions. (Trust me – I have done this for years!)

But without changing your thoughts first – your results won’t change.

This is what leads to fatigue, frustration, and overwhelm.

Change your THOUGHTS before you change your actions.

One of my favorite thoughts to practice thinking is:

“It’s alllll working” (whether I see the results or not)  It is allll working.

My message for you this week is more powerful than you know:

1. Become aware of the thoughts your brain is offering and ask yourself – Does this thought SERVE me?
2. What thought would serve me better?
3. Does that new thought make you feel “hustling” or “grounded and prepared”. If it doesn’t “feel” good – keep looking for a better thought.  
4. From your NEW thoughts – take new actions – take some of the old actions – believe it’s allll working.
Most people try to solve all their problems through their actions.

I want you to get better results with less hustle.

The best way for me to support you in doing this is to invite you to Spark Live.

We’re only 3 weeks away.

At this event, I’m going to give you everything you need to build a successful business in the concierge industry. Whether you’re just getting ready to open your doors or you’ve been at this for years and still hustling to get clients. You are being invited to join us.

Get your ticket here!

Hustling is not required.


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