The Concierge Academy offers many different products & services to meet a variety of budgetary needs.

The Concierge Life


The Concierge Life is MORE than just a book – It’s the recipe that I have used to grow my business step by step from a team of 1 (me) to a thriving team of 8 in under 8 years…

The Concierge Starter Kit


STOP the confusion about what you need in your sales packet or how to successfully follow up with someone after networking! This Starter Kit has documents and templates that you can use right away in your business.

Jump Start Your Concierge Success


Join this 5-week marketing course to learn how to Be Seen, Heard, Known, Referred & Successfully run your local concierge business.

Holiday Promotions & Prep


With this 2-hour on-demand training, you’ll have access to loads of templates, examples, and marketing pieces that YOU can use for your holiday marketing RIGHT AWAY!

Confidently Priced To Sell


The right pricing for your services gives you the ability and freedom to no only scale your business but also to create predictable income.

Nail down your pricing, once and for all.

The Concierge Contract Collection


Are you confused by what contracts and documents you need in your Concierge Business? Protect yourself and your business once and for all to have peace of mind and be seen as a professional.

Ignite Your Business


In this 6-month challenge, we’ll take a weekly disciplined approach to marketing and mindset. Each weekly “actionable” lesson is condensed into an easy to follow, ‘No BS’ approach (my kinda style!) that even the busiest entrepreneur can make time for.

CALive (3-Day Event)


Have you been looking for a place where you can feel connected, supported and in the presence of other people who “get you” AND the struggles you’ve been facing with growing your business?
Then CA Live is totally for YOU!