5 Tips for Holiday Business Planning

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Best Ways to Offer Holiday Concierge Services
July 16, 2019
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How to Turn One Business Idea into 6 figures
July 30, 2019
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5 Tips for Holiday Business Planning

Holiday business planning, gift with laptop, Build a Personal Concierge Business, How to grow a Concierge Business

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Holiday Business Planning Tips

As we started discussing last week, early holiday business planning is the KEY to boosting profits and sales in the final 2 or 3 months of the year! Selling and offering your concierge services during the Holiday season is one of the BEST ways to really take a stand and get your name out there! When you promote and market your services proactively, with a PLANNED out process, you’ll get to track and see results increase and improve year after year!

In my Holiday Training Course – I share how a simple holiday promotion one year, grew year after year and 3 years later resulted in a 5K project for ONE CLIENT!

THAT my friends is the POWER of holiday business planning, marketing your services, following the trends and remembering to always stay top of mind!

If you’re ready for results like that and want to know what we did to create those results –

Be sure you grab the Holiday Training Workshop for only $297 $197 before it goes BACK into my training vault!

You can grab it right here and dive in immediately! https://theconciergeacademy.com/holiday

As a personal concierge, THIS is YOUR time to realllllly put yourself out there! Take advantage of the holiday season but do NOT WAIT until October to start “thinking” about it because at that point all of the opportunities for you to get the word and message out will be gone!

OK, my friend!

In order to help you begin to think about the necessary shifts and changes that will take place very quickly as soon as the kiddos head back to school in the Fall, I put together some of the MOST important things you need be thinking about NOW!

Nail your holiday business planning with these 5 tips:

1. Take Care of Things You’ve Been Putting Off

If you’ve been considering changes that would help you bring in more clients or streamline your processes, put them in place now. These might include new marketing campaigns, a more streamlined onboarding process, a smoother way to have contracts signed, a simplified tracking system…

Imagine I just gave you 10 brand NEW amazing clients!!

What are the things that would likely fall apart as a result of such an influx of work?

Those are the things you need to start with. ?

You won’t have time to make big changes once the holiday busyness begins. And, if you delay, you’ll miss a golden opportunity to boost your business sales and create new systems that will help you run things more efficiently.

2. Plan Your Marketing and Promotions (OOBER IMPORTANT!)

Set aside time to strategically plan your holiday marketing. Use all the information you have from last year! If this is your FIRST big holiday season, be sure you are tracking EVERYTHING this year – so you have this data for NEXT year!

  • What did people ask for last year?
  • What was your biggest selling package or promotion?
  • What were your TOP requested services?
  • How did you get the word out last year about your services? Did it work? Did it NOT work?
  • Where should you be shifting your marketing this year, so you see a better return?
  • What opportunities should you be seeking?

If you have NOT had a successful marketing strategy and process in place, you don’t have to try to figure it out on your own.

I am literally giving you what took me 7+ years to develop!! Or you can try to do it yourself – totally up to you! It really just depends on how long you want to wait for results?

If you’re ready NOW – then grab the Holiday Training so that you can be fully prepared!


3. Hire and Train Seasonal Help

If you’ll need extra help during the busy holiday season, start the hiring and training process early. Last year I reminded all my readers that WE, as personal concierges, often neglect our OWN needs during the holidays. If you’re not fully prepared, you’ll find yourself putting your own tree up 3 days before Christmas. Having all your gifts shipped via Amazon Prime in time for Christmas Eve – yeah – been there!

In order to make sure you don’t lose your own mind during the holidays, you’ll want to be sure you have some type of back up support in place BEFOREHAND!

Seasonal helpers have a greater chance of success when you’ve had the time to vet, prepare and train them in advance.

4. Think about Vacation Policies

If you don’t have a specific holiday vacation policy, now is the time to create one and communicate it to all your employees. My team knows that between Thanksgiving and Christmas we have our biggest need for “all hands-on deck”. Our team does NOT take time off during those busy months and weeks leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah!

But because we have a slow down that 1 week between Christmas and New Years, my team gets to take extra time off during that week when the needs of the company are not as strong.

5. Consider Additional Business Help

We’ve already talked about hiring and onboarding TEAM to help with “delivery” of services to your clients, but I also want to mention that there will also become a time that you’ll need additional “business” support as well.

Perhaps you’ll need someone to help answer calls or respond to inquiries? Perhaps you’ll need administrative support so that things don’t fall through the cracks.

Last year we decided to hire someone to manage our Social Media for us from Nov 15th to Jan 15th! We know that this is one of the absolute busiest times of the year for us! WHY? Because I’ve been strategically marketing our holiday services for over 5 years now.

Since social media is a BIG part of our holiday promotions, it’s one of the many ways we educate our market. And it’s something we need to be sure we are doing consistently! And because we’re often working 10-12 hour days during the busy holiday months AND trying to do what we need to do for our own families…I needed to bring someone onboard to make sure we were still being consistent in our OWN marketing efforts!

Perhaps you’re not there yet, and that’s totally cool!! You’ll get there someday! BUT it’s still a necessary seed I want to plant for you. ?

OK, my friend!!

This year I don’t wanna hear how you “didn’t have time to prepare” for the holidays!! OK!?

This is your LOVING warning, that it will be here before you blink and it’s your responsibility to your business to be fully prepared! Holiday business planning is key!

And if you TRULY want to be prepared and want to know HOW to plan, market, work with more clients, sell more packages and work even with corporations … Be sure you grab the Holiday Training Workshop!

This is your LAST chance!! Because next week we’re moving on and this training will be locked back UP again!

If you’re ready to be proactive about your business and not “wait’ for things to happen – this is YOUR opportunity, my friend. XO

Grab the training —- https://theconciergeacademy.com/holiday

Thank you Kelly Schaefer for the amazing holiday training!
Just from YOUR ideas that you taught, we have sold 68 NEW Packages
and have 26 new clients!!!


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  1. Aileen Young says:

    Thanks for the tips. Keep them coming. Sometimes it is not lack of training or motivation. Sometimes we are on overload and forget to apply some basics. You remind us with these tips. ???

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