Best Ways to Offer Holiday Concierge Services

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July 9, 2019
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5 Tips for Holiday Business Planning
July 23, 2019
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Best Ways to Offer Holiday Concierge Services

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Prepare your holiday concierge services with these tips

This week I want to give you a little “behind the scenes” of what my Team and I at Task Complete are up to this month, and it MAY just shock you!

Believe it or not, we started our HOLIDAY planning! Yup, you heard me right. We are actively preparing and getting ready for the holiday season for 2019!!

As a matter of fact, we actually mapped out most of our holiday marketing back in January (because that’s just how we roll around here!)

Why in the world are we preparing now to offer holiday concierge services?

Because honestly, with some things, like working with companies and corporate sponsors, you NEED to start early!

You have to have enough time to build a relationship, begin to have conversations and discussions AND get to the decision makers.

Some of the other stuff we do doesn’t need as much lead time, but we always plan out well in advance our holiday promotions, specific “holiday” centric marketing, sponsorships and networking strategies!

And because I WANT YOU to start prepping for YOUR holiday season, I am going to be sharing some of our BEST strategies with YOU to begin offering holiday concierge services!!

So over the next couple weeks, I’ll be sharing ways YOU can make more money during the upcoming holiday season!

But here’s the thing!! You can NOT wait until October to start preparing. By then you’ll miss out on the time needed to properly get the word out and you’ll be wishing you started earlier!!

How do I know?

Because this is exactly what used to happen to me. ☹

In December, I would say to myself – damn – I’m gonna start earlier next year. Then I would find myself somehow in mid-November trying to pull all my shit together – only to realize I was already behind. Again promising myself I would “start earlier” next year…

You get the picture right?

That is EXACTLY why we START NOW!

So in order to BEST help YOU prepare for the holiday season, I’m giving you access to our HOLIDAY Training Course!!

Yeah, Booooyyyyy!

Am I being silly excited here? I AM!! You know why? Because THIS training is one of my ALL TIME faves!

What’s it all about you may be wondering?

Let me share –

Here’s what is included in the Holiday Training Workshop! No, it’s NOT too early to start.

And this training is ONLY being offered for a VERY limited time before it goes BACK into the vault!

If you want to take FULL Advantage of THIS holiday season…do this for yourself! And as all my trainings are, this is NOT some cookie cutter “class” that has no meat or real strategy involved. I literally share EVERYTHING with you!

How much is THIS training?

Well – what would a few extra thousand dollars be worth to you?

For only $297…

You’ll receive:

A 2-Hour “on-demand” training, that covers everything you need to know to make the holidays your most profitable time of the year.

In this training, I share with you how to run special holiday promotions and how to offer additional and unique services during the holidays. PLUS NEW and cutting-edge ways to support local businesses, companies and those even in the corporate structure. (Value: $597)

As always, I want to be sure you have EVERYTHING you need to offer holiday concierge services!

You also get templates and REAL LIFE examples of HOW we run our promotions and holiday specials.

I give you the exact handouts, flyers and promotional information we use every year that yields us thousands of dollars each year in additional revenue. (Value: $297)

Plus, access to the exact marketing pieces that we use to land multiple 5-figure contracts for the holiday season. (Value: $397)

For real my friend, do NOT miss this training!!

Here’s the link – go NOW!! Better yet – RUN and grab it!! I’m not even kidding, this course is sooooooo good!

Consider this your Christmas in JULY!!

Just want to tell you that the Holiday Promos & Prep workshop got me so jazzed to start working on my plans for the holiday season!

The information was great and you gave so many ideas that I can use. I wanted the workshop to continue for another few hours.

Thank you for this and thank you for being you!

– Carolina
~ Carolina On Call


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