How to Be the Go-To Person in Your Business

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How to Be the Go-To Person in Your Business

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Best Ways to Become that Go-To Person in Your Business

This week I want to point out WHY it’s soooo important for people to KNOW that you exist!! Because here’s the thing. If people don’t know YOU or YOUR business, you could quickly lose opportunities to your competitors…

Now, from a spiritual standpoint, I do NOT believe in competition. I believe we each have our OWN unique skillset coupled with a unique personality that SHINES for those we are meant to work with…

But all that shining doesn’t mean diddly squat if you’re NOT doing your part to get your name out there.

In my private FB group, lots of people dive into the group full of excitement and passion and are soooo ready to start their businesses.

And of course, the 1st question people often ask is “How do I get my name out there?” OR “What’s the best way to market my services?”

I COULD boil it down into one simple sentence.

YOU need to become the person who stands out IN YOUR community as THE GO-TO person for the services you provide. Basically, make sure people know WHO you are and what you do.

Boom!! There’s your answer!!

But what people DON’T think about is that it takes more than that to BECOME that Go-To person in your business.

So again, let me boil it down for you today:

  • You need to get OUT of your house every day and STOP hiding behind your computer thinking all your time spent online is going to bring you clients … NOPE.
  • You need to connect with other people IN YOUR community!! Make friends with the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker!
  • GET Involved! How can you get involved in your community? Whatever lights you up – do THAT!
  • Become a resource for OTHERS.
  • Give FIRST and be willing to receive later. Someone has to start the dance!

I see this ALLLLLL the time!

Someone will go onto FB and pose a question such as “I need an electrician, who do you recommend?”

You want to BECOME THAT name!! THE name that everyone refers!!

So, imagine someone posts – I need help around the house, what’s a good resource? OR

My family room is full of toys all over and I can’t park my car in my garage, has anyone worked with someone who helps organize? OR

I’m planning an extended vacation and need someone to look in on my house – I need someone super reliable, who do you recommend?

YOU want to become the NAME that everyone recommends… and until YOU are the GO TO person in your business, you still have room to grow. There is STILL work to be done!

HOW do you become that go-to person in your business?

I have a GREAT resource for you!! I put together 20 of my TOP marketing strategies for LOCAL BASED companies!!

If I were NEW and just starting out – I would legit GOBBLE this guide up!!

Go grab your Guide Book right here –

When I started my business there was no information out there that was TRULY specific to me or our industry. There were GREAT BOOKS that helped me get started and get my feet wet, but none TOLD me exactly WHAT to DO!!

So that’s why my mission has been for the past 4 years to help others JUST like me, market successfully so that THEY TOO can become THAT name, that go-to person whom everyone knows, likes and trusts… and in turn, THIS is how we grow our businesses organically!

Now let’s say you already grabbed this Free Guide before – THIS is your reminder to STOP what you’re doing and GO IMPLEMENT what’s in THAT FREE guide!!

Don’t let this free resource just become shelf help my friend…

I spent MONTHS pulling together our TOP marketing strategies just for YOU so that you don’t have to struggle like I did in the beginning!

OK, my friend, this is your loving kick in the arse to get to work. XO

Once you get your FREE guide, leave a comment and tell me what you GOT out of it for YOURSELF??

Let’s connect …

Would love to hear what you’re up to. ?


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