Isn’t it interesting to know that people spend 25 billion dollars during the holidays? 
As a personal concierge, who offers shopping and personal assistant help, you have a VERY unique opportunity to triple your incomes over the holidays.
But in order to do so successfully,
you need to be prepared.
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Long lines, family gatherings, travel arrangements, and endless shopping and to-do lists mean there’s a tremendous opportunity for you to take some of the pressure off your clients and lighten their load.

Party planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, organizing, plus all the other responsibilities of life mean that you can save someone’s sanity during the holidays. 
I’ve been in business for almost a decade and in doing so, we’ve found a very unique to offer our services to local companies and corporations. There is no end to how you can be of service, but knowing how to get in the door can be tricky. 

That’s why I created the “Holiday Promos Workshop”, to help you engage and support more clients this holiday season while also increasing your revenue.
I’ve taken all our years of being in business and share with you exactly HOW we triple our 4th quarter revenues year after year. And have companies bring us back year after year. During the holidays you have a very brief window to attract new clients and get your foot in the door.
Here’s what’s included in our Holiday Promos Workshop program:
2 Hour Holiday Promotions Training
  • Get clear actionable strategies that you can put into place right away.
  • Increase your sales, income, and community awareness during the holidays.
  • ​Know exactly when to plan and implement your holiday marketing campaigns
  • ​Get swipe copy and examples to make your holiday marketing easy.
  • ​Discover different and unique services you can run during the holidays.
Plus you’ll discover new and cutting edge ways to support
local businesses, companies, and even corporations.
Imagine having your holiday marketing campaign laid out for you. What would having additional income do for you and your family during the holidays?

You can systematically and predictably create cash during the holidays and give yourself a gift by investing in the“Holiday Promos Workshop” for the small investment of $197.00. 

This is a limited time offer, and the holidays come and go before you know it. That’s why you need to invest TODAY to get started right away.

Kellyann Schaefer, Owner of Task Complete, has already made all the mistakes, tested the methods and knows exactly how to grow to a multiple 6-figure business and live The Concierge Life! And now, she’s sharing all her knowledge with you!
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