How to Turn One Business Idea into 6 figures

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July 23, 2019
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How to Turn One Business Idea into 6 figures

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Turn Your Business Idea into Profit

This week I want to talk to you about one elegant business idea that turned into 6 figures…

This story is full of suspense, excitement, creativity and a fear!

One of my BIG DREAM goals is for us to work with 10 local companies on a monthly basis providing our services to employees as an employee perk.

In the corporate space, there are concierge companies out there that DO do this for larger companies. Many of these institutions are in the healthcare, pharma and big business sectors. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

For us, we are looking at making a HUGE impact in our own back yard.

For my company, we have a sweet spot for the 50 – 200 employee companies that were built on love and passion right where we work and live.

When I first started out in business, I had ZERO clue as to how to ever make this happen.

But everything starts with an idea, right??

Well, for me my “idea” came to me in 2014 when a small local company called me and wanted to set up personal shopping services for their employees during the holidays. Because for THAT company, the holidays are one of their BIGGEST times of the year, and because of that, they work long hours with increased production.

After we had our initial conversation, I decided to put myself out there…I had an even “better” idea!

My idea was to put together a “wrapping event” where my team and I (my team was 3 people then) would come in, provide all the supplies and wrap gifts for the employees as a company provided perk!

My contact in the company LOVED that IDEA!!!

But it fell through. There wasn’t enough money in the budget (insert sad face).

But what I did was NOT GIVE UP!!

I mapped out a plan, a strategy and got clear on the offering so that I could offer this ahhhhmazing idea of mine to them again the next year (in addition to other local companies).


That next year we agreed on the terms of a contract within a 30-minute conversation (actually while I was at the bus stop waiting for my kids to get home from school)!

That contract resulted in 1 full day of in house wrapping for the employees! We wrapped 167 gifts (if my memory recalls) – our VERY first of many “wrapping events” started in 2015.

In 2016 it got bigger = 258 gifts over 2 days.

In 2017 even bigger = 653 gifts!!! EEEK!! That year we had over 46% participation! (these are things you need to be aware of as you’re building out your proposal).

In 2018 we reached 737 gifts with this ONE company!!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because offering services is about thinking outside the box!!

Since then, we’ve brought on several other companies that bring us back year after year…

But it doesn’t stop there!

Because of the follow-up strategies we have in place…

Because we know WHO to talk to…

Because we know HOW to promote it…

Because we deliver an impeccable product…

Our goal of working with 10 local companies is getting closer!

What started out as an idea has now begun to flourish into additional ideas to provide FUN employee perks! Last year we introduced Office Olympics into the mix!!

Oh yeah – soooooo much fun!!

So my friend, if you have an “idea” – allow it time to grow – allow it time to flourish – get creative – and think beyond 4 walls in order to add additional services. XO

AND If you want to know HOW to bring this concept INTO YOUR business, this is ONE of the many solutions I share and teach in the Holiday Promo Training.

I provide a 2 hr. training showing you exactly HOW we did it! I give you the how, the who, the resources and how to prepare to build your OWN wrapping events, both big and small… and how another small $110 idea turned into a 5K client.

Plus in this training, I teach how to get realllllly clear on the BEST and most PROFITABLE ways to market your core services during the holiday season that will create new lifelong clients.

You MAY have heard me the past 2 weeks talk about the holiday training – THIS is WHY I’m so passionate to get this information TO YOU!

This is the last week this training will be available – and on Sunday it goes BACK into the training vault – so be sure NOT to miss out on this exclusive Holiday Training my friends. XO

This is one of the BEST ways to add additional services into your business model that will GROW year after year – but you HAVE TO start – and you can’t give up!

If I had given up after that first “no” back in 2014, I wouldn’t be so close to reaching our goal. XO

P.S. You’re going to be SOOOO jazzed up about this holiday season when you take this training! The learning, excitement and holiday spirit that comes from this training is INFECTIOUS!! AND it will make you HIGHLY profitable over the next few years … But only if you take action.

Here’s your chance –


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