Is it Time to Expand Your Concierge Business?

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July 30, 2019
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August 20, 2019
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Is it Time to Expand Your Concierge Business?

Task Complete Team/Expand Your Concierge Business/starting a concierge business/Build a Personal Concierge Business/How to grow a Concierge Business/

When is the right time to expand your Concierge Business?

I’m checking in on you this week and wanted to ask – Is it time for you to expand your concierge business? Even if you’re JUST starting out, I want you to be sure you still READ this week’s newsletter, because even if you’re NOT ready to expand, this will highlight a few things for you so that you can RECOGNIZE what it might look like in the near future. ?

The team and I at Task Complete seem to have this ongoing cycle …

You want to work with more clients…

You market (the right ways) and you attract more clients

BUT – You have no more hours in the day to serve your clients…

So you need to hire – and expand your team…

Whew – Great! New team member comes in, gets trained and starts caring for these new clients…

Then – more new clients and you’re back to having a full schedule again.

I hate to tell you, but this DOES become the cycle that many of us find ourselves in.

Now that may NOT be your ideal vision of a business, and that’s totally cool. We each get to grow and expand our businesses to fit our OWN lifestyle and dreams.

And honestly, hiring isn’t always easy!! Although after years of hiring and expanding my team, I have created quite the hiring process!

But you may be wondering:

When IS the right time to expand your Concierge Business?

Today I want to talk to you about Business Growth and Expansion and when it is the right time to hire.

I can tell you that in the beginning, it was only me. I often say we were a team of 1- ME! But at about the 2-year mark I was ready to shut my doors.

As a mom raising 4 kids, with a husband who works 60+ hrs a week, I was trying to both deliver the services AND consistently market my business. I was tapped out, and ALMOST quit.

I was struggling with balancing the “marketer” and the “technician” rolls of my business. At the time I didn’t even know there were separate “rolls” in my business. But now after being in business for several years, I’ve gained such a deeper understanding of what it takes to grow consistently. This concept of “marketer” and “technician” is something I recently started teaching in my Ignite Your Business course.

What I didn’t know in the beginning is that I should have hired faster!

Many people who are truly successful in our industry knew early on when to expand their concierge business. They hired after they brought on their 1st client, because they know that marketing is the fuel needed to bring in NEW clients and that the delivery of the services could be given to someone else.

Let’s get real though…often there are so many fears that pop up around hiring, that we get in our own way.

When I first started, I had tons of fear around hiring and expanding my business. But the reality is, that even with just 4 weekly clients plus a few others, I was so tired. It was becoming harder and harder to balance the needs and schedules of all my clients. Plus, I had no more energy left to do the things that attracted new clients TO ME.

My biggest fear I need to overcome was the fear of someone “taking my clients” or “stealing my proprietary information.”

I was also afraid that no one would work for me unless they were guaranteed a FT salary.

I want to give you an assignment this week that is more of a forecasting assignment. So that when the time comes, you’ll be more prepared to expand your concierge business:

1. Identify WHEN you are going to hire your 1st or your next team member.

What does that look like for YOUR business? Do you need to hire for every 3 clients you bring on? Or based on hours per month? Or you’ve known for a while that you’re already stretched, and hiring is the #1 thing you need to focus on right now?

2. Identify the qualities that person has to have.

Do you want someone who can work full time? Part-time? Do they need to be flexible? Do they have to work weekends? What is their personality type?

3. Identify your needs.

Identify the clients or tasks you would assign to your NEW hire so that you can continue to grow and expand your concierge business. This also becomes a truth-telling mission!! You’ll start to notice the things/tasks that you perhaps no longer enjoy as much as you once did!

Now that I gave you some things to consider when it’s time for YOU to hire, how can you use this information??

Are you ready to hire? Is hiring part of your long-term strategy? Or perhaps you’ve known for 2 years now that bringing someone on is the only way for you to get to the next level??

Leave me a comment below and let me know!


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