Top 3 Benefits of Mastermind Groups

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May 29, 2018
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Top 3 Benefits of Mastermind Groups

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Have you ever felt alone as an entrepreneur? You wake up every day and put in so much effort to grow your business, but you feel somehow disconnected? You feel alone and feel as if you’re unsure of what to do and where to go?? Being in the entrepreneurial world of building a business can often feel like one of the LONLIEST gigs on the planet. That’s why I have always belonged to a mastermind group.


Day after day, you wake up, you need to be focused, you’re supposed to be working on your business and for many of you, YOU are the one “doing the work” too. And when you’re not out running errands and doing work for clients, you may find yourself sitting behind your computer screen seeking solutions, striving for more… and also – feeling terribly alone.


In the beginning, I belonged to free weekly and monthly mastermind groups where groups of business owners would come together, share ideas and vision and get feedback…and this was FANTASTIC in the beginning…


I sopped up every opportunity and idea like a sponge!


But eventually…I started to outgrow the groups I had relied so heavily on…I had grown and learned so much on my own time, that although I could always contribute to the groups I belonged to, I wasn’t necessarily “gaining” from them any longer…


This quote is a great reminder that there are times we need to move on… for our own success…


If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. ~ Richard Tirendi


So that’s how I know when it’s time to move on to a new opportunity…


It was at that time I started investing money into being part of mastermind groups and not only gaining but being able to give…


Then I became the smartest one in the room again… and joined a bigger mastermind group that required a bigger investment…and then again, this past year I invested high 5 figures to continue my learning journey and work with like-minded individuals who “get me”. It’s truly the secret to my success, being in a room of people who get what I’m trying to create and can support ME, my business and BIG goals as the year continues…


I have to admit, that one of the greatest benefits of being part of The Concierge Academy and the group trainings we offer is the connection!


It’s a group of other personal concierges from around the world who have ONE common goal – to grow their businesses and make our world a better place. It’s rather sexy if you ask me. ?


And in APRIL 2020, you get to have that opportunity, too!


If you want to get guidance and support from others JUST like you, and want to take your business to the next level – here’s your chance!


Whether you want to join us or not, it’s IMPERATIVE that you surround yourself with the RIGHT kind of people. Those who will cheer you on no matter what – and those who will drag your arse up when you feel like falling down.


The Top 3 benefits I have gained from Investing in Mastermind Groups and Mentoring:


1. Continued Learning

I get to learn the shortcuts from those who are a few levels ahead of me, therefore decreasing my learning curve. I learn, implement, see what works for me and move forward much faster than I would have on my own. What would take someone 5 years to learn, I quickly do in one!


2. Get My Questions Answered

When I find I am stuck with an opportunity, a pricing question, how to market to new markets, or just get caught in my own mindset, I use the experiences of others to help me move forward and get “unstuck” much faster than I would have on my own. Belonging to a group that really knows you and “gets you” is unquantifiable!


3. Keep Accountable

Accountability is what separates the super successful entrepreneurs and leaders from the mediocre. Having a group or mentor that holds you accountable for your own dreams and goals accelerates your own performance. Giving you the “butt kicking” you often need to get out of your own way.


Your Assignment This Week


Evaluate the mastermind groups you currently belong to and ask yourself:

  • Am I gaining anything from this group?
  • Am I receiving relevant information that is helping me move forward?
  • Is the commitment to this group worth my TIME with respect to return on time investment?
  • Am I the smartest person in the room?


Then with this knowledge decide how you can improve your own business success by investing in a group or mentor to help hold you accountable for YOUR own goals…


If you’re ready to join an amazing group and gain accountability this year to bring your business goals to fruition, consider joining us!


Here are a few words from one of our current students:


Kelly: I want you to know working with you has been phenomenal for me and my business. The value I receive from the content you provide and what you share is incredibly crucial to the growth of my business this past year. What I speak to and about myself is paramount to who I’m becoming. Thank you for reminding me. Actually, I’m restructuring my business as a result of what I’m learning as a student of the Concierge Academy and it has changed MY LIFE! Lady, you Rock!!!

~ Rachel Revill


Until next week…


Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a successful business, I have decided to help other budding entrepreneurs do the same! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy, I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that Work for our industry!


It’s not always easy to build a service-based business. Many see it as an intangible, but you can build a profitable and flourishing concierge business!

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