The Secret To Making More Money in Your Business

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June 5, 2018
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June 19, 2018
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The Secret To Making More Money in Your Business

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How to Make More Money in Your Concierge Business

Today I want to help you understand the basis of what it takes to make money in your concierge business. Obviously, you need more clients, right? You need to make more sales. AND you need more visibility in your community.

So lucky for you I have a FABULOUS resource that I put together for you several weeks ago!

I just released a brand-NEW marketing guide for you with 20 Marketing Activities for YOUR business, EVEN when you’re on a shoestring budget!

In this guide, I pulled together all my most NINJA strategies that helped me take my business from an unknown startup to a 9X award winning company that is known as the “go-to resource” in my community.

But I want to be honest with you too. My business growth and success did NOT happen overnight!! It took diligence, determination, failures AND commitment. PLUS – I didn’t have someone LIKE ME showing me the way lol!!

Many people when they start a concierge business – they do so as a way of “escaping” something else. Whether you want to leave a soul-sucking J-O-B or you “need” to make money to better your current circumstance, the one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t “will” the money to you. BUT you can make a VERY good living doing what you love if you’re persistent at making BLEEP happen! So today let’s talk about making money in your concierge business. ?

The secret to making more money in your business is making the decision to market more!

When I first started my business, I had NO Idea how MUCH marketing was required. I thought a few networking events, hanging some flyers and telling my neighbors all about my new cool business would be enough. But alas … it wasn’t!

It took me about 2 years to truly understand what the “right marketing” was for my business and another 2 years to realize that even when I figured it out, it requires ongoing commitment and consistency!

But even then – I had hit an income plateau! I remember trying to pass the 100K mark for almost 4 years!!! Legit – it was likely the hardest, longest journey of my LIFE lol!! And I was stuck on how to push past that…

But what I realized was very SHOCKING and actually VERY easy!

I am the one that has complete control over how much money I make in my concierge business. BOOM! Just like that!

And all I needed to do was to 10X my marketing.

So, what does 10 times the marketing really look like for you?

If you’re currently networking to grow your business – what would 10x the networking look like?

If you use referral campaigns successfully in your business – what would 10X your referrals look like?

If you have a website – how can you 10X its effectiveness?

BUT – what happens to most concierges is that they never actually plan out their marketing. Instead they “wing it” and do a little of this and a little of that. But the most SUCCESFUL concierges out there are hustling hard – day in and day out – because what brings clients TO you is your ability to put YOURSELF out there – and that’s where your marketing comes in.

Successful business owners are committed to consistently taking high levels of action, whereas unsuccessful peeps TALK up a good game but never quite get around to doing what really needs to get done.

Successful people know that the things they commit to doing NOW have a tremendous pay off in the future.

Taking action is also the only thing you HAVE control over! You can’t control people. You can’t control the way people spend money. But you can control how much marketing you DO and therefore YOU have the power to make as much (or as little) money as you want …

So, my friend… do you want to make more money this year??

Do you want to push past your current level and plateau? If so, then HOW will you increase your marketing? What can you do over the next 6 months to 10X your marketing efforts so that you can CRUSH those goals this year?

And don’t forget to grab the FREE NEW guide. If you even implement just EVERYTHING in this guide – I guarantee you’ll have a massive shift in your business, your income, AND your impact!

Grab that GUIDE here (and I have a few other shortcuts for ya too. ?)

Here’s to CRUSHING those goals this year and being PROACTIVE about the next 6 months!


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