Using Your Business to Impact Your Community

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The Secret To Making More Money in Your Business
June 12, 2018
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June 26, 2018
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Using Your Business to Impact Your Community

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As a personal concierge, part of what we do is help our community have more time, support and ease in our client’s lives. But for me, helping others goes beyond just our clients. My team and I do what we can to spread love, hope and generosity throughout our community to make a bigger impact.


So this week I wanted to share something with you.


It ties in dreams, my business, and my community. Through my sharing, I hope to inspire you to DREAM and think bigger than yourself… So stay with me, ok?


About 18 years ago when my older son (the one that just graduated HS) was born I found myself in a very difficult financial situation. My son was born a few weeks early and required oxygen and monitors when he came home. At that time, I was the primary bread winner in the family. (I was a nurse manager on a 50 bed unit at a local nursing home.) Needless to say, having a young son who had physical and health related issues, I could not go back to work right away. There was no one willing to watch him with all his lines, and wires… Although he was VERY strong and healthy, he did require oxygen when he ate and the monitors scared people to death – so I found myself being forced to decide – electric on in the house, gas in the car, mortgage paid, or food on the table. The food on the table was something I could easily replace – but to do so, I found myself reaching out in desperation to our local food pantry.


This was a point in time in my life I’ll never forget – and honestly never regret either.


As I stood in line at our local pantry, waiting for my 2 bags of groceries, I watched the families coming in, one after another. And as I would accept (with a bit of embarrassment I admit) my nonperishables – I would immediately take 2 items from my bags and hand them BACK to the pantry. Why? Because I felt that there HAD to be someone worse off than myself and it was the only thing I COULD do (at that time).


Eradicating hunger in my community is one of my BIG passions in life. I believe no child should ever go to bed feeling hungry due to lack of food.


Let’s fast forward another 12 years – I was no longer in such a situation. My life has changed and has become more abundant than I could have imagined. I was, and continue to be, VERY grateful and feel blessed for all that has come into my life. So, 6 years ago I decided to add this passion to my concierge business. Why not use my resources to do GOOD for my community??


That’s the year Stock Up for Summer was born. We call is SUFS for short.


It started out VERY small. At the time my business was one person – me! Not the grand team that we are now. So, I just reached out to all my clients and told them I wanted to help stock the local food pantry during the Summer since that’s when they go critically low – often turning away dozens of families each and every day.


And my clients were amazing!! They gave me canned goods, they allowed me to rotate their pantry and take things that had lots of extras. And they also gave me money to go buy items and cases of canned goods and dried items. And THAT is how it all began.


Fast forward to 2018 … This is now our 6th year of SUFS and each and every year it gets bigger and bigger.


Last year we successfully set a goal as a team to collect 1,000 lbs of food. (The entire team of Task Complete participates.) We topped that goal and collected 1,097lbs!


THIS year our goal is 1,500lbs! And we KNOW in our hearts we will crush that goal because each year (just like a business) we get bigger and bigger. We have a greater reach, we rely on more clients to help and we are blessed with community partners who do something as simple as set up a box in the lunch room to collect items from employees.


So my dear friend – HOW can you USE your business to have a greater impact in your community? Here’s the thing – I don’t DO this for business growth, but it certainly has a positive side effect. I am seen as NOT just a business owner, but a true leader in the community which in turn increases my visibility.


What’s YOUR passion?


Is it the SPCA? Animal welfare? Cleaning your local parks? It can be anything!! Whatever YOUR passion is the RIGHT one for you!!


I would love to hear how this message this week has inspired YOU to tie your business into your passions and therefore create a BIGGER impact in the world around you …


Stock up for summer/help your community/Starting your Concierge Business/Growing a Concierge Business/Build a Personal Concierge Business/



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