How to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing

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May 22, 2018
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June 5, 2018
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How to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing

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I hope you had a great long weekend!! This week we’re going to talk about how to market your concierge services! But first…

As June arrives here at the Schaefer household, we have SOOOO much goodness happening!!

My son will be graduating HS in just 2 weeks! My younger daughter will be graduating “middle school”, and my little guy is wrapping up “elementary school”.

My 14th wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and we’ll be headed as a family off to Hawaii for 2 weeks! Crazy pants what this month has in store for us!!

And as a business owner – the reality that half the year is already over!!! EEEEK!! Lol

What’s on your plate the next month or so?

So, this week I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to market my business.

Educating the marketplace!!

Educating the marketplace is one of the cornerstones of business growth for the concierge industry and it’s something we talk about all the time in The Concierge Academy!

Since I LOVE to talk – and I’m a great storyteller – one of my favorite ways to educate others, is through case studies!

But, what is a case study and why should you care?

A case study simply put is the explanation of something in order to illustrate a thesis or principle. In normal terms, that means show how you do, what you do, and the impact it has on your clients (also known as the results)!

Case studies don’t cost you anything and are a great way to market your concierge services, and be able to tell the world how valuable your services are. It goes beyond a simple testimonial by showing real-life examples of how you were able to meet your client’s needs.

A good case study will read like a fabulous bedtime story where YOU get to play the hero/heroine.

You want to be sure to give the reader all the necessary background to explain the situation and include any relevant details that will help paint the picture. You want your story to not only be informative, but it MUST be interesting and engaging.

Case studies are basically success stories written about your product or service. Many case studies are actually testimonials that are based on the success of the SERVICE you provided. THAT should be easy to write about!! NO matter what you write about, it’s important to make sure it is memorable and persuades people to buy. ?

When crafting a case study be sure to keep these points in mind!

  • Who is the story about?
  • How did they use your services?
  • What were their results?

I have often used case studies as a way to market my concierge business that resulted in dozens of NEW referrals because I was successfully able to educate the market while using REAL life stories to highlight what we really do.

Your Assignment This Week

Write your own case study about a client experience and how you and your team supported them! Then – use your case study in your marketing!!

P.S. Need more marketing support? Want to learn more about The Concierge Academy and how YOU can join us? Let’s chat and see if you’re a right fit for the program!! Contact and let’s set up a time to chat.


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