Tips to Prepare for a Media Interview

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August 7, 2018
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Tips to Prepare for a Media Interview

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I know last week I kinda left you with a cliffhanger.  I was sharing with you HOW I conspired with the universe to bring an opportunity into reality – specifically a news media interview. I also shared the fears I had around saying “yes”, and then how I made sure I shifted my energy BEFORE stepping INTO action so that I could get the best possible results – despite my ego going crackers in my head, trying to keep me fearful.


If you missed the first part of this story, you can go back and read it here.


OK – so last week when we left off, it was a little after 5pm on a Friday afternoon and my Emma and I had just hit the send button on the email to Fox 29 about being a guest on a local segment called “Bizzy Mamas.”


So right after that, Emma went back upstairs to her room and I returned to my laptop to finish up my work before I shut down for the weekend … and like magic…


BOOM! The journalist responded to my email (less than 5 minutes after I hit “send”) and told me to show up at such and such time, place and date. I started screaming upstairs to celebrate with Emma!!


She was so excited for me. And with that – I was BOOKED!


So, like anything that pulls us out of our comfort zone – we often go back to familiarity. Those things that feel “normal.” For me – my “control enthusiast” self – likes to show up and strut her stuff!


For the next 10 days, I began to stress over “what to wear” and what shoes? Do I need a makeup artist to come to my house? How would I get down into the city? Ahhhhhhhh – I started to freak out!!


I, of course, had “nothing to wear” in my closet full of clothes. And I was too fat for this, to pale for that – and the self-criticism started.


Do you SEE how when you step OUT OF your comfort zone everything around you seems to want to push you BACK into safety? That’s the job of the inner ego – to keep you feeling as if you will only be safe “here” and not over there – where growth is about to happen!


But even through all the “freaking out” I was doing – I also knew (because I’ve learned this over the years), that the EGO ONLY gets THAT loud, when I am about to break free.?


So let that remind YOU that when your ego starts freaking out, telling you that you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough or deserving enough, that it is THEN that you must muster your own courage – and keep moving forward.


Then, take action to surround yourself with the right people and the right systems in place to MOVE you through the fear!


What did I do? Here’s how I took care of myself and supported myself through the preparation for this news media interview.


(By the way – I totally hope my sharing these weird details WITH you will help you learn and gain clarity for yourself the next time YOU have to step into the bigger!)


So, here’s how I prepared myself for my media interview:

  • I watched about 5 segments that this journalist had done in the past, so I knew or at least had an idea of how the “flow” would be.
  • I checked in with my friend who had told me about the opportunity – and asked her what I needed to know the most.
  • I told my Mastermind group that I was scared and needed their support.
  • I found a FABULOUS pair of shoes in my closet that makes me feel totally confident.
  • I made sure to get a good night’s rest.
  • I meditated the night before so I could sleep well.
  • I told RHK (Right Hand of Kelly – Jill) to make sure she pumped me up, the morning of.
  • I asked my hubby to drive me so I could relax and NOT worry about traffic etc.
  • I showed up 30 minutes earlier so that I could pee like 3x before taping.
  • And then I walked around the green room getting myself IN THE ZONE!

So, as I prepared – I was SET – READY!!!


And at 10:55AM they still didn’t call for me (I was supposed to be called for at 10:45AM) and my ego started to play again.


Nope – walked around the room again, reminded myself that no matter what, I am a good person, powerful, smart, funny, caring, loving and that I just needed to BE – ME!


11AM – still no one. 11:01…




11:07… (And I secretly started to freak out!) So I took a deep breath and started to head to the security desk to make sure that I had NOT been forgotten about.? But I had to remind my control freak self that all happens in RIGHT, divine timing. (Breathe Kelly – Breathe!)


And with that – the door now clicked and the journalist made her way in to me.?


After that, I did my best to remain calm. (I think I had wiped my sweaty pits in the bathroom like 3x!)


She showed me to the desk where we would record our segment.


Michael the photographer placed my mic on me.


After just a few short moments, he said, “Ready when you are.” Karen (the journalist), turned to me and said, “Good morning this is Kellyann Schaefer of…”

And with that, we began…


Remember I had no “prep” for this at all – I had NO idea the questions she would ask and I had to just sit and BE confident. And the entire time, I honestly had NO real expectation of WHAT the outcome would look like other than – I would speak clearly and confidently and represent my business in a good light.


In the blink of an eye – it was over – 2 minutes… which felt less than, but simultaneously longer.


I looked at her after and said, “Where’s the puke bucket?” No… I didn’t really need it, but sure felt that way after the relief of it all being done.


Now, with all of that behind me, I am super excited to share the segment with you. After reading all about my angst and fears and hesitations and the determination to push through it all to be OPEN to the opportunity, just click the link below to see the video results.


And now that you’ve seen the video, stay tuned for next week to find out HOW I maximized the exposure of this opportunity! (Yup! Another cliffhanger!)



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