The Difference Between Leadership and Control

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July 31, 2018
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August 14, 2018
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The Difference Between Leadership and Control

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I remember last week being so super excited and also, if I’m honest, slightly terrified as well.


So, Saturday morning – I was at the gym with my hubby. We do a 7:30 AM circuit class together. I’m so NOT a fan of early morning exercise, but I have learned to EMBRACE our Saturday mornings together. Even if they start with burpees at 7:30 AM. ?


After our class, he usually hits the weights and I hit the treadmill. I often read and catch up on FB while on the treadmill. But as I looked up at the time, I realized it was 8:10 AM – and it was SATURDAY!!


Holy crapolla! – My segment was going live THAT morning!!


So, I put Fox 29 on, put my earbuds in – and walked – and waited – nervous – anxious – (just keep walking Kelly). And segment after segment, I watched anxiously. Waiting to see myself in my yellow dress. But nothing.


It did NOT appear.


And like that, everything I had planned (this week’s newsletter) plus several other things – abruptly got put on hold.


Ah yes – one of the things I have been learning over and over in my life – is releasing control.


And THIS was just another fabulous example of how I need to remember that often times, we have ZERO control.


So I decided to release the worry and angst that was forming in my belly and just allowed myself to believe that ALL is WELL – all will be well – and I am always divinely supported – no matter what! ?


So my video snippet I was planning to share with you WILL appear here next Tuesday, Aug 14th!! As long as the producers keep to the current timeline they’ve shared with me.


But, this also opens up this conversation of how releasing the need to control things will show up in your world and in your business.


Most of the stress we create in our lives actually comes from our overwhelming need and attempt at controlling outcomes.


I know I’m not the only one who’s a recovering “control enthusiast.”


We are all often seeking to control one thing or another in our lives and businesses.


Have you ever asked someone to do something FOR you, but then quickly “fix” the way they did it?


Or you force your way onto someone else – because it HAS TO BE this way?


For many people, the ultimate goal – is FULL control.


But when you step into leadership, you learn how to let go. Go with the flow more. Some outcomes can never be predicted.


Control is not the same as leadership.


Leading is an act of empowerment and enabling others.


Great leaders can walk away from a project or even a company, giving up all control, and the team will happily continue working. That’s exactly how I was able to take 3 weeks off in Europe this Spring and just a month ago, another 2 weeks in Hawaii.


This has been one of my BIGGEST challenges and also gifts this past year…


Learning to just lean in and let go…


So, my friend, I’ll ask you:


Is there something that’s happening in your world right now? Perhaps in your family or even within your business, where you’re finding yourself angry, pent-up, holding your breath in fear of releasing?


What can you learn from this experience for yourself?


Here’s a fabulous article I want to share with you also – on the Art of “Surrendering”.


Then come back and see me again next Tuesday where we’ll continue our 3-part series!! If you missed part one – you can read up on that here.


Have a fabulous week …


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