The Secret to Get Everything You Want

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July 24, 2018
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August 7, 2018
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The Secret to Get Everything You Want

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Happy Tuesday to you my friend – and happy last day of July!! (Seriously??…Tomorrow is August??) I’m so super excited!!!! Today I’m writing to you from our brand-new shore house!! AHHHHHH!!! (Insert image of Kelly running around in circles squealing like a kid.) You may have heard me talk about this over the past few months, but we just closed on our new home this past Friday (just another way I’ve been working on this secret to get everything I want)!!


That being said, I’m “trying” to do some work this week from the new digs, and also be here for furniture deliveries, get the kitchen set up, etc., so that we can squeeze as much fun and joy out of it as we can these last few weeks of “summer.”


Like many of our BIG dreams, I’ve been visualizing this for YEARS now!! And last year when the universe presented my husband and I with this opportunity, we stepped in and said YES!! But what does that have to do with YOU Friend?


Today I want to share with you what it’s LIKE when the universe shares an opportunity with you that is TOTALLY outside of your current comfort zone and how you can USE that!


But before we get to the “stepping in and saying yes” – I want to teach you how to ALIGN with the universe and get everything you want – even if it scares the bejesus out of you.?


So, here’s PART ONE of HOW I landed a spot on Fox 29 News.


Sooooo, just 2 weeks ago, I was doing my morning FB check-in, sipping my coffee, when a friend of mine had posted on FB that she was doing a Fox 29 news segment called “Bizzy Mamas.” I quickly responded to her pic with excitement and encouragement and told her to rock it!! I really was so happy and excited for her!!


As I finished typing to her, I quickly thought in my head, “I should TOTALLY be on there too.”


Have you ever had those real quick thoughts without thinking much?? And then you kinda “wish it” with a deep feeling inside of excitement – but then you sort of just release it out there – into the universe? (This is how we begin to conspire and let the universe know what we want.)


So fast forward about 2 hours later. A few of my team and I were at a local company setting up and preparing to host “Office Olympics” for their employees (super fun btw!), and as we were in one of the conference rooms – my phone pinged!


It was my friend saying to me “Kelly – you should totally do this” and I was all like – “OMG – YES!! What do I have to do?” And she was all like – “I’ll send you the info tonight…”


And like THAT – the universe moved that opportunity several steps closer – BUT in order for it to become a reality – this is where I HAD to step up and DO the WORK!


After she sent me the information later that night, I scanned the email and quickly started to backpedal. I was excited, but my ego was now awake and wasn’t going to make this easy for me!


The next day, “send email with info for interview” was on my TOP 3 things to get done that day. I had 2 networking events, 1 coffee date and an evening event I was hosting for referral partners all scheduled that same day. The day turned into night, and night turned into a sleepy, worn out Kelly.


I did NOT send the email.


The next day came (Friday), and I had yet again another VERY busy day! That’s the same week we brought on 10 new clients and projects (in just one week). So I was quickly feeling the fear and pressure of getting this email written in a concise, professional way and hit SEND.


Now, Friend, if you follow me, you likely know that I’m a big fan of Abraham Hicks and the teaching of Abraham. And if you’ve ever seen the video about “get into the vortex and then,” you’ll totally understand what I’m about to share with you.


So imagine with me, it’s Friday, it’s about 4PM – I still haven’t sent the email, I’m still finishing up other work that needs to be done.


I quickly start thinking: “Oh maybe I shouldn’t do this. What if I don’t get an answer? What if this isn’t for me.” And we all know that THAT kind of thinking gets us nowhere.


So I decided to shift and step INTO the opportunity – EVEN if it scared the crappers out of me – because to get EVERYTHING you want and desire, you have to get on the other side of your comfort zone.


So, I did what I do best – I danced!! I blasted music that I love, I danced around my house, I watched a funny video on YouTube and I totally changed my energy FROM “This isn’t gonna work” TO “Who cares if it works – I’m gonna JUST take the next STEP!” (This is where we learn to release to the universe.)


Here I was now, with my email ready to be sent. I looked at the time and it was a few minutes after 5PM – and again my ego tried to get the best of me. “This is absolutely the WRONG time to send this email!! 5PM on a Friday? – No one is going to see it – yada, yada, yada.” It continued in my head. And I knew I was on the edge of my comfort zone – and that THIS was the work. Stepping IN to what I asked for was THE WORK to get everything I want.


So I brought my daughter Emma into my office with me – and we sang and danced to one of our favorite songs. We looked at each other and I said, “Are you ready?” “I’m ready.” And together we closed our eyes and pushed the send button on the email…


To be continued…


Tune in next week – so I can tell you what happened AFTER we pushed send on that email.



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