How This Concierge Gained 13 New Clients in 3 Months

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July 17, 2018
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July 31, 2018
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How This Concierge Gained 13 New Clients in 3 Months

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Have you ever wondered How to get clients for your personal concierge business?

This week I want to INSPIRE the hell out of you!!

And share a story about how THIS concierge gained more clients for her personal concierge business. Why? Because one of the things we all need – is to BELIEVE that our goals are actually attainable and one of the ways we do that in the Concierge Academy is by CELEBRATING!!!

So, this week I wanted to share with you what one of our new students has achieved in JUST 3 MONTHS!!!

During one of our calls together, she was celebrating her progress. As we dove deeper, I asked: “Wait – so HOW MANY new clients have you started working with since April?” (In April – she joined us in The Concierge Academy!)

She began to list and count them – “I have 20 clients now and 13 of them are new.”

UMMMMMM – Yeah! THAT! Holy Shitballs!!!

Of course, (like most people I know) she quickly started to backtrack with words like “yeah but”. “Yeah, but they are just Ala Carte clients and I really want to work more consistently with clients.” She knows, just like we do, that the longer you work with a client, the greater the results.

So first – I had to have a kick-in-the-pants intervention and REMIND her of how far she’s come in such little time! In the beginning she TOO struggled with how to get clients for her concierge business. Once I reminded her how far she had come, we celebrated her for taking a no excuse approach and really getting clear on her marketing and what she needs to do week after week, month after month.

Why am I sharing this information with you?

For several reasons actually…

  1. To remind you that we all play the “yeah but” thing and I want you to S-T-O-P doing that to yourself and celebrate EVERY success.
  2. To SHOW you that it IS possible – your dream – just like hers IS doable when you are consistently doing the RIGHT marketing and action steps.
  3. To share with you HOW she did it!!

So how did this student of mine have a 200% increase in business in only 3 months?? I asked her and this is what she wanted to share: ?

  1. Networking – Consistently. With the right groups. And showing up to not only receive – but to GIVE first.
  2. Having a follow-up process in place so that the conversations and leads she was receiving were followed through – over the long term. THIS is part of the process to ensure authentic relationship building. ♥♥
  3. And always be YOU! I would like to add here that the “real” you is what shines from the inside out and attracts the “right” people and opportunities TO you.

So my friend – how has this changed your view of yourself or your business this week?

Do you believe that it IS possible to DO what you love, taking care of others AND making money? You see, money itself is actually just an exchange of energy between 2 people – just like you putting YOUR energy into taking care of someone. It’s a full circle experience.

Until next week…


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