The Greatest Marketing Secret

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5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Plan in 2020
March 13, 2018
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The 4 Seasons of Business
March 27, 2018
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The Greatest Marketing Secret

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This week I want to inspire you to REALLLLY grow your business! Why? Because I know firsthand all the yumminess that comes once you get this marketing secret thing figured out!! (But then there’s team expansion, profitability, hiring help for YOU and more insurance issues. Doesn’t that make you soooo excited) Ha!




This week I want to share an amazing story with you!


But I have to take you back to December of 2016! I always start my “next year” business planning in December and I was preparing for 2017. Part of the plan, of course, is setting new financial goals. But then there is the work of asking yourself “how” you’re going to achieve those goals?? THAT is where the “exponential growth activities” come from. Those are the activities that we identify that will be added to the marketing plan and therefore, our strategic plan for exponential growth each new year.


So the thing I wrote down was that I wanted to be a “50% referral” business. And guess what?? WE did it!! WE received 108 inquiries in 2017 above and beyond our routine clients and over 50% of them were direct referral! Someone either heard about us through a friend, a client, my speaking engagements or a networking referral. Not too shabby, huh??


The Greatest Marketing Secret: Word of Mouth and Referrals!


I have to tell you – creating a proactive referral strategy is one of MY favorite-est marketing tools and one I teach in depth to my students in the Concierge Academy!


This IS the quintessential greatest marketing secret. And it’s soooooo effective when implemented properly!!


Today I’ll share with you 10 ways YOU can immediately increase business by using the greatest marketing secret.?


But let me warn you!! First off, you do NOT get results from things you do not implement on a consistent basis. Do NOT tell me 2 months from now – I “tried that.” It takes time and consistency of action! And most people only half-ass their marketing. And secondly – IF YOU DO everything I’m teaching you, you WILL have a problem!! Too many clients!! But that’s what I call a “quality problem.”?


So how can YOU create a 50% referral business for yourself?

  • Develop a powerful network.
  • Determine who your TOP centers of influence are.
  • Expand your sphere of influence.
  • Create active and passive networking campaigns.
  • Identify and nurture strategic partnerships.
  • Ask for referrals on a consistent basis (This is part of the marketing plan we talked about last week).
  • ALWAYS thank your referrals (this is a pet peeve of mine).
  • Initiate the Referral “Boomerang.”
  • Host your OWN events to bring people together to increase business for all.
  • Educate your sphere of influence.


If you do even 2 or 3 of those strategies consistently over a long period of time – I GUARANTEE you will double your business!


But – remember, doing something half-ass once or twice does NOT give the results I know you’re looking for.

Your assignment this week

So my friend … How are YOU going to proactively create more referrals in your business this year?


Want to learn more? I “think” we have a couple spots left for CA Live. But if you want in, you’ll have to reach out to my team to see if we have any spots left. ?


Just shoot the team a quick email at and they’ll take care of you. ?


PS: Are you serious about growing your business this year?


Reach out to to see how we can support you this year!


Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a successful business, I have decided to help other budding entrepreneurs do the same! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy, I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that Work for our industry!


It’s not always easy to build a service-based business. Many see it as an intangible, but you can build a profitable and flourishing concierge business!

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