5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Plan in 2020

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5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Plan in 2020

marketing plan/Starting your Concierge Business/Growing a Concierge Business/Build a Personal Concierge Business/www.theconcieregeacademy.com
Today I have a couple quick meetings, I’m interviewing a potential new employee to join the team at TC, but MOST importantly is I’m working on my BIG 2020 VISION and what it will take (the actions) to get me there. Since I’ve got planning and marketing and dreams on the brain, I wanted to share with you 5 reasons why you NEED a marketing plan! 
Marketing plans aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies! Every small business needs one, too. 
Even when I first started my biz back in 2010, I sat down and created a one-page marketing plan! (I also didn’t know what I didn’t know then too – ha!)
Since then, I have learned SOOOOO much about marketing, and have been here long enough to watch all the marketing trends change from year to year… 

Who remembers people going GAGA over “Vines” for business? (yeah I never jumped on that bandwagon) 

Or Periscope? Yeah – down with the ship… 

And to think, I was encouraged by a Social Media Strategist to use these platforms to grow my business… 

Sometimes you just have to know YOUR market better than other so called “experts”. 

One thing you need to remember is that not ALL marketing techniques and online outlets are RIGHT for a Personal Services business. 
That’s why spending 15K a year with a Business Coach that focuses on social media is a waste of dinero. 

Or hiring a Business Coach who has very LIMITED experience ( and has never actually successfully built ) a “Local Geographically-Based Service Business” ( also not the best use of your time, money, hopes and dreams… ) 
But today I want to share with you MY experience. Some of what I have learned since starting my business in 2010. 
So back when I created that 1-page marketing plan in 2010, I really had NO idea what I was doing. ( Have you been in that position too? ) 

It took me years of struggle, throwing spaghetti at the walls and nearly shutting my doors too many times to count. ( Have you ever felt like that too? ) 
That’s why I’m so passionate about helping others like you BE successful in this business!


5 Reasons a Marketing Plan is Needed for Business Growth


1. Without a plan, there is no roadmap to business growth

The objectives described in the marketing plan will ideally enable you to achieve your overall business goals and help your business achieve its mission and become successful. But without a plan, so many entrepreneurs stare at their computer screens day after day trying to figure out “what to do next”. This lack of direction impedes action, and when strategic action isn’t being taken, results falter.


2. It keeps you on track

A plan is exactly that. The plan on HOW to get clients consistently so that you create reoccurring revenues. If you keep your marketing ideas in your head, there’s a slim chance that you’ll do them consistently. And we all know that consistency of marketing is what creates a successful business (there are NO shortcuts – it MUST be done). Be sure you write down all the strategies you’ll use to market your business and they’ll be much more likely to come to fruition.


3. It keeps you focused on a daily basis

With so many marketing tools and technologies available today, it’s easy to become distracted and lose sight of your intended business goals. A well-written marketing plan can keep you focused on what you really need so that you don’t waste time on what you don’t. This is one of the reasons why CALive has been such a game changer for our industry!! I give you the exact formula to follow day after day and week after week – to grow your business to the level of which you want to create!


4. It helps you establish tasks and timelines

Marketing your business can be sooooooo overwhelming. Have you ever woken up, rolled out of bed, turned on your computer and just wondered “what do I do today?” That’s exactly what I did when I first started out. And then I would cry because I felt like a failure. How was it that everyone said it was a “good idea” but no one wanted to hire me. A good marketing plan lays out clearly defined objectives that make it easy to identify the tasks that need to be done, as well as the timelines necessary for completing those tasks. I know – it all sounds so complicated, doesn’t it? Not when you have the written plan hand-given to you!!


5. Keeps you ahead of the “competition”

First, I want to tell you that there is plenty of work out there for everyone. And not every concierge is a good fit for every client. So “competition” isn’t where you want to focus!


But, having a marketing plan DOES keep your business and services OUT there consistently so when people DO realize they need you – they’ll remember you first. ?
This helps your target market see your business as better than, or different from, other options out there.
Ok my friend!!! I hope you now view a “marketing plan” as an absolute essential to your business success! 

I remember last year when I did a webinar on marketing and polled the attendees – I was shocked that less than 1% of concierge business owners actually had a marketing plan. No wonder 75% of concierge never get past 20K a year … (OUCH!)
So even if you’ve got a busy schedule, set aside some time to create a sound marketing plan for your business – chances are, you’ll be glad you did!
From My Quiet Beach House to you… 

Love yah, 



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