8 Ways to Maximize Your Public Relations

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Tips to Prepare for a Media Interview
August 14, 2018
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August 28, 2018
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8 Ways to Maximize Your Public Relations

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Life at the new beach house has been a whirlwind of activity!! The most exciting things – a small propane leak (that my sniffer – sniffed out), which equated to 2 fire trucks, a volunteer fire station, emergency vehicles, a swarm of firemen and 1 woman. ? And they did not find the leak, but they instructed us to still have the stove checked. So yesterday we had the stove checked and we DID indeed have a small leak.


Then yesterday afternoon after all that excitement. I lost internet access (joys) … but all in all, things are coming along VERY nicely!! We have paper shades hanging in the bedroom windows (haha) and I cooked 2 meals in the new kitchen so far!


So now that my internet is back up – I wanted to continue our 3 part email series.


Part one was about how I landed the Fox 29 interview (so you can be prepared to gain your own PR).


Part 2 was the actual interview – if you missed it – catch it here ?


Part 3 is today, how to “maximize” your Public Relations.


Hopefully, these ideas I share with you today will prepare you to gain additional exposure after an interview, local press spot or even your BIG 2 page spread in “Women First” – like my friend Sue!!


So here are my TOP strategies for maximizing your Public Relations exposure:

  1. Add an “as seen on” to your homepage (and pull together relevant logos etc. – ONLY do this if you have legitimately been on these TV channels, websites or in the newspapers and periodicals.
  2. Do an email blast to your “list” letting everyone know the fabulous news of your interview – this builds your “impression of increase” and street cred. ?
  3. Share your clip, article, news exposure on your social media platforms.
  4. Create a blog post out of your exposure and post it to your website.
  5. Add this to your “about me” page of your website, your “news” section of your website or another relevant page you may have on your site.
  6. Connect with the journalist on their social media platforms. This way if they need a resource or “expert” in your field, they have a resource to come to on short notice (that would be YOU).
  7. You can also create an old-fashioned “newsletter” and mail it out to all your centers of influence, sharing your excitement with them.
  8. Create a tear sheet for your “welcome packet”.


Now some of the things I mentioned above are easier and faster to implement than others. I’m lucky enough at this point in my business to have resources who can help me with implementing all of the above. But even when it was just “me”, I could take action on most of the above tasks myself.


But all in all, when you have an opportunity to gain public relations exposure through different media platforms – it’s always helpful, and exciting to maximize THAT exposure.


In September for a few days, I’ll be offering my 4-week Marketing Crash Course again. If you want to learn how I got started and gained the traction in my business that I’ve built upon – THIS is for you!


We ran a promotion in July and had 8 peeps join us for the 4 week mini course. Plus as an added bonus, we had one Group Q+A where we all came together to ask questions, gain direct guidance, clarity and next steps.


Some of the responses from the group about the course were:

“This is the first thing I have ever invested in for myself – and I am SOOO grateful I said yes to this opportunity.”

“Once I registered, I had 4x the amount of referrals come in – it’s crazy.”

“I gained so much clarity about who to talk to, to get closer to my ideal clients.”


Keep YOUR EYES OPEN as I’m going to offer a “back to school promo pricing” – BUT only for 1 week next week – after that the price goes back to $497!


If you want to be on the “waiting list” for this class, contact support@theconciergeacademy.com so that I know you’re coming and we’ll be sure to send you all the information you need next week!


Until then – I’m “officially” on vacation this week. ?


See you soon!



Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a successful business, I have decided to help other budding entrepreneurs do the same! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy, I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that Work for our industry!


It’s not always easy to build a service-based business. Many see it as an intangible, but you can build a profitable and flourishing concierge business!

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