The Thing That Can Make You Millions

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October 13, 2020
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The Thing That Can Make You Millions

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Last week we wrapped up our Fall enrollment of the 100K Club! I am so excited to show these women (yep – it seems we have a group of ALL women) exactly how I was able to take my business from struggling and ready to give up (more than once) TO 50K … then how I was able to quickly double that … because I had FINALLY figured out the marketing and pricing that works.  If you missed out and want to hop on the waiting list – you can do that here XO.

As a group, we’ll be kicking off of this week with a 2 part Holiday Marketing training that I’m teaching live ?

So fun!! Holiday marketing is something I’ve been “perfecting” for about 5 years now – and I have it sooo dialed in, I can’t WAIT to share with them!

But here’s the thing that HELPED me “dial it in” over the past 5 years.

2 words:

Consistency and follow up!

I know! It’s not so sexy is it?

It’s how I also filled our 100K Club!

Consistency and follow up.

When you become a true marketer, the thing you’ve got to learn is how to stay focused and consistently be taking ACTION – day after day.

I mean – If I had stopped marketing 100K Club – the last 4 people that joined us would have missed out.

So, my friend …

How are you showing up with consistency and action?

On a scale of 1 -10? Only you need to know those answers. But it’s something you HAVE to be willing to look at! It’s how we as entrepreneurs grow! Being “willing” to not know all the things and to be willing to keep looking and refining along the way. (Which is exactly how I learned to dial in our holiday marketing).

None of this would happen if I acted like the other 90% of entrepreneurs out there!!

So what do I do that 90% of everyone else who sells anything doesn’t do??

Ummm… that’s easy… Consistency and follow up!

How many times have you left a message with a tree service company, or you called 4 of them and only one returned the call, then THAT one even comes out, does the initial assessment …schedules the work to be done… THEN doesn’t show up!!!! What the what??

So, the questions I have for you to look at this week are:

Are you following up?

Not in a salesy, pushy way, but rather in a kind giving and gratitude way?

Do you follow up after each opportunity?

Do you follow up consistently?

Do you follow up long term?

Do you have a process in place to insure you are doing your best?

If you know you could improve on your follow up strategies, it’s ok… we all have had times where we slack off. But today YOU can make a change. Today you can decide to be and do more. Today you can change your future 🙂

Power on my friend…



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