How I get 2-3 referrals a week (even when I stopped marketing)

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How I get 2-3 referrals a week (even when I stopped marketing)

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I shared a secret with some of my students a couple weeks back… I stopped almost all of our marketing efforts for my local business about 6 months ago.

It was a hard decision to make, but one that was necessary for where I am in my journey right now.

But here’s what I want to share with you!

Even though we stopped all marketing – I’ve had 2-3 new clients and referrals come our way every week since then!

I know – it seems counterintuitive for me to tell you how we “stopped marketing” when my teachings in the Concierge Academy are all about “marketing and making sure you’re doing so” …

But HERE is why it worked for me…

I’ve been marketing consistently for almost a decade!! And because of the way I’ve marketed and the success I’ve had along the way – it was ok for me to take the foot off the gas pedal …

Task Complete has become a bit of a household name in our niche and market. People seek us out because of HOW I have marketed for the past decade.

We get referrals on the weekly because of the referral partnerships I have created and cultivated over the last decade.

It’s all happening NOW because I did the work. I learned what worked, what didn’t work. I put the marketing into place. I perfected it – my marketing has made me more money than my nursing career ever did ( and it’s a lot more fun too ) …

BUT – it didn’t come without time, commitment and the willingness to keep going even when things felt impossible.

It’s also why my students in my group coaching programs are having FAR BETTER SUCCESS and so much faster than I ever did. Why? Because they get all the shortcuts that took me a decade to create…

So this week – I want to share with HOW I was able to STOP all marketing and still get new clients and referrals…

It’s called becoming “Omnipresent”! But what does that even mean?

Pop over and read this week’s step by step of HOW I marketed my business for a decade that led to this moment…  Get the 8 step Framework right here!

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I know exactly what you need most right now:

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And that’s why it’s all being provided to and for you – inside 100K Club! But the doors to join us in 100K Club close tonight.

You can learn more here :

And if you have questions about the program and whether or not it’s a good fit for you and your business… hit reply to this email and I can schedule a 10 min call with you to see if the program is what you most need right now XO

Here’s to marketing your business in a away that keeps creating results even when you take your foot off the gas …



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