The Marketing Misstep That is Holding You Back

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How to Make Difficult Decisions (VIDEO)
February 19, 2019
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March 5, 2019
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The Marketing Misstep That is Holding You Back

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I hope you’re having a GREAT week so far!! Tomorrow is a BIG day in our family!!

My oldest daughter turns 30!!

Yes – I said 30!!! (and yes – lol I was 10 when I had her – wink-wink!)

Anyway… I have to admit that I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have a daughter that age. But at the same time, I’ve been a parent FOR-Evah!! And I know I STILL make mistakes! Probably even daily!!

A mistake I made when I first started my business was the one I want to share with you today!!

As you may know by now, the BIG reason behind my mission is to help PREVENT others from making the SAME awful (and very costly) mistakes I made when I started my business! Instead, I work with passion-driven individuals who want to build a successful and profitable (very important!) concierge business.

I work with other business owners, give them the customized strategies they need and then help hold their hand along the process until they reach their goals (ok – and sometimes I push them from behind just a little too. ?)

So today I want to share a very important, CORE business mistake many, many, many business owners make.

Are you ready to get really clear??

The fastest path to growth happens when you stop trying to be all things to ALL people!

Not “everyone” is an ideal client!

I know this is likely something you’ve heard in many marketing books and online resources, but it is a FACT that when you do NOT know who your ideal client is, you ultimately waste a lot of emotional energy, time and financial resources.

That’s why an “Ideal Client Avatar” is at the source of ALLL good marketing! That’s also why in the Concierge Academy one of the first assignments is creating the ideal client profile in detail. ☺

AND it’s one of the activities we work on at CALive!

But it’s ok – we’ve ALL been there! Many of us started in business without a true, clear understanding of WHO we serve as clients. And many people WILL take on clients that are NOT ideal. Sadly, it’s usually because they want to make the sale.

Again, we have ALL done this!! So you are NOT alone!

Here’s the thing. In the beginning, it’s quite hard to know WHO your ideal client is because you don’t have much experience yet, and haven’t put enough thought into it.

It’s also hard when you haven’t actually worked WITH an ideal client!

So today I want to help you get clearer on who your ideal client is!

Quite frankly, without this, you’re gonna keep spinning your wheels and getting frustrated with your results.

When you get frustrated with your results, you lose confidence, and when you do THAT, you stop marketing… And that is what can make or break a business!

So what exactly IS an ideal client?

An ideal client is someone you LOOOOVE working with! Maybe they are female, maybe they are male, married, have a family, dog lovers, cat enthusiasts, perhaps they are acclaimed athletes!! You name it!

An ideal client ALSO is willing and able, to pay for your services.

The reality is, to keep your business open you MUST charge and willingly accept payment for your services!

Otherwise, you should become a non-profit!

True Fact!!

Before I knew how to consistently bring new clients into my business, I used to say… “No one is willing to pay me. I should just give my services away for free and become a non-profit!” (Have you ever felt like that?)

Luckily, I DID figure out a process that works to attract my ideal clients!! Just last week we started working with 4 NEW clients in a matter of days!

An ideal client is also someone who needs the services you actually LIKE doing!! Not services that make you sweat!

In the beginning, I said yes to pretty much everything! As long as it was legal!

My first few gigs – I created a resume for someone, I worked on a PowerPoint presentation, and worked on thousands (yes thousands) of database files.

Truth is, I actually paid my neighbor to do the PowerPoint because I had no clue what I was doing and she was brilliant at it! But she also had a job and a family so THAT would never be a good long term solution!

There are many other factors that go into truly identifying that ideal client avatar, but I don’t want to completely overwhelm you today.

If you come to CALive 2019 this year – we’ll do a LOT more of this TOGETHER!

But I want you to start thinking about –

Who are the people you MOST want to serve?

  • Male/female (maybe it doesn’t matter)?
  • Lives local? Snowbird? Avid skier? Vacationer extraordinaire?
  • Local business owner? Accountants?
  • The sky really is the limit, but it has to start with YOU and who YOU want to work with and matching YOUR unique skill set to meet their needs. ☺

Until next time…

PS: CA Live 2019 is the place to be if you want to get serious about who your ideal clients are. If you want to grow your business and take it to the next level. No need to go it alone and figure it all out yourself. Your tribe is waiting for you. Click here to join us today. The price to attend goes up soon. Can’t wait to see you there. ☺


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