I interviewed Naima and this happened…

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March 3, 2020
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March 10, 2020
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I interviewed Naima and this happened…

Be 10000000% inspired! I have worked with Naima for 2 years now and have watched her grow from one or 2 clients to a thriving and full schedule of clients that she LOOOOVES and adores!

You’ll see that in this video! There are so many nuggets of gold in this conversation.

If you’re in a concierge business ( or any business for that matter ) be sure to grab a cup of tea and enjoy this session!

I guarantee your mind will be opened to the possibilities of the world!

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Niama became part of my sphere in April 2018 and since then I have watched her SKYROCKET!!

I joke all the time that she is the “best” student ever ( I actually have some realllly amazing students ).

But she shows UP and stays focused and WORKS!

I think she has also done every one of my programs!

From my book at first to the Jumpstart course, she did the holiday promotions class with me, then came last year to CALive, then joined our 6-month group coaching program, then has done our Ignite Program and has been to every free training I’ve done and Annual Strategic planning days …


So as we started our interview, our conversation took some amazing twists and turns – and even after the recording stopped, we continued to chat for another half hour – we shared our thoughts about the Universe, God, and our spiritual beliefs and principles – I even cried … maybe twice ?


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  1. Everett Pate says:

    Excellent video very nature.

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