Give Me Three Days – 
And I'll Give You the Secrets to Building a 
6-Figure Concierge Business You Love! 
Bucks County, PA | "Stay Tuned for Reschedule dates"
The Concierge  Academy Live
The ONLY live event created for personal concierges 
geared towards marketing and growing your concierge business!
If I know you, you...
... Want to grow your business even more.
... Are struggling with knowing your next business step.
... Want your business to pay you a consistent paycheck.
… Want to be of service to MORE people.
… Want to make a BIGGER impact and difference in this world.
I know, because I’m JUST like YOU!  
My name is Kelly Schaefer, founder of The Concierge Academy. 

I built a successful personal concierge business from the ground up, and now I'm passionate about sharing my secret formula with other personal concierges so they can build a successful business that they love, too!
Often times I feel like a scared little girl who’s trying to make a difference in her world – 

afraid to believe I’m meant for more... Afraid to take chances...

But I'm willing to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

I may do so Kicking and screaming, but I'm going for it none the less.

Are you scared too? 
Let's do this together! 
C A Live is the catalyst to the dreams you 
want to create and experience in your life.
Together we connect, share, love, cry, laugh and straight up – do EPIC shit! 

But you have to be willing to be in the room WITH US!  
CA Live
is ONLY held once a year.
This is your exclusive opportunity to learn the very same strategies that my team and I use to grow my business.
I have coached and consulted with hundreds of business owners, and with these exact strategies they have skyrocketed their businesses and improved their overall financial impact.
Did you know that 75% of all entrepreneurs in the “personal concierge” space make less than $25,000 a year!

But did you also know that 75% of the business owners I have coached over the years have built their businesses to over $50K a year! Then $75K! Some have even surpassed $100K!
My students do not succeed by luck or coincidence…

It’s not because they started a second business… 

Or did some fancy schmancy ads somewhere…

And it’s not because they threw spaghetti at the walls… 
(Though one of these days I think we should – 
just for the fun and laughs of it.)


And you can do it, too! 

At CA Live, you’ll learn the steps 
to get from where you are right now to the NEXT level.
No matter where you’re at in your business... There is a PATH to get you to the next level.

$0 TO $50K

These are the peeps who have learned how to become masters, and not dabblers.
They’ve gotten clear on their ideal client, their pricing, and the marketing roadmap they can use over and over again to create a compound effect...

A compound effect of winning!

THE PATH FROM $50K - $100K

These are the peeps who have hustled their way day after day to strive, dream, and create. 

They know EXACTLY what they do and whom they do it for. They learn how to have singular focus and embrace consistency.  

They build teams…


These are the peeps who want to take their income beyond the $100K mark.  

These people learn to build, scale, and expand. These warriors must hire more support than they ever imagined, and expand their mindset beyond what’s "possible". They must focus solely on their unique brilliance. 

Whether you’re starting out, hustling your way to the top, or scaling your business to work smarter, not harder- this conference is for you.

There is a PATH to get you to the next level. 

This event is about more than just making changes to your business. You'll walk away with a renewed sense of your role in your business, your life, and the world around you. 
These changes will jump-start you to the
next level of growth, flow, and impact.

What Our Attendees Are 
Saying About CA Live!

"Before I came to CA Live, I felt that I knew the things I needed to do to move my business forward….but I still struggled with implementation. At CA Live I felt that I had received the “push” to make them happen and to also be accountable. I learned so much from the face to face interaction with Kelly as well as the other CA Live participants. Hearing the participants’ best practices and feeling their support was energizing. I can’t wait until the next event."
Stephanie Borden
One and Done Concierge  
"I finally met Kelly. I enjoyed meeting and connecting with the other concierges and feeling part of a community. Additionally, the information shared was invaluable. No matter where you are in business, there is a takeaway to be had from CA Live. There are nuggets and ideas that are critical to your growth. You will connect with concierges across the country and beyond - they are like-minded partners, whose goal is to build and grow their own business while cheering you on in your success as well."
Rachel Revill
PerfecTiming Concierge     
"Kelly and my fellow attendees gave me the courage to follow my dream of being a business owner. Getting your business off the ground can be stressful and costly. Kelly and her alumni offer guidance and support to help you work toward you goals and avoid costly, unprofitable missteps."
Noreen Niedermeyer
As You Wish Concierge LLC  
"If you are looking to build a concierge business, Kelly's course is one of the best investments you will make. She is open and giving with her materials and knowledge, based on what has and has not worked for her. She will take the guess work out of what you need to do and advise you on what you might have overlooked. Her course materials are complete and accurate. Her one - on - ones are a jam-packed session, of quality Q&A. I have been in business and known Kelly through the ICLMA for about 4 years. If her course had existed when I began I would have saved time and money figuring out the process alone. Even now after 4 years in my business that is growing and has clientele, I find her knowledge and material to be invaluable in filling in the blanks, and expanding my business. In summary I rate her course a 10+."
Nicole Carver
Carver Concierge, LLC 
"Before I came to CA Live, I felt insecure about the legitimacy of my business & "out of sorts" by not knowing what steps to take. After the Live event I felt confident, knowledgeable, excited and part of a community to help me move forward!"
Stacey Gatlin
Victory Concierge

Video Testimonials

Event  Details

"Stay Tuned for Reschedule dates"

Tuesday, April 21, 2020* – Thursday, April 23, 2020

Each day will begin promptly at 9 AM, with end times between 5 PM - 6:30 PM. There will be a special evening event for all attendees on Wednesday.

*On April 20th, we have a special evening event for our VIP guests.*
Please plan to arrive on Monday April 20th and leave on Friday April 24th. 

Once you have submitted your deposit, we will provide more information about the discounted hotel room block we have reserved, information about airports and renting transportation, and other details.
CA Live 2020 will be held in beautiful Bucks County, PA.
Brittingham Room at The Cock ‘n Bull at Peddler’s Village

Frequently  Asked  Questions

Is the seating assigned? 

All seats are on a first come first serve basis. VIP ticket holders gain early room entry. We suggest you arrive early each day to grab the seat you desire the most! 

Can I buy a ticket at the door?

Sorry my friends, but all tickets must be purchased in advance. 

Can I bring my spouse or a business partner?  

Absolutely! We have made it possible to get your spouse or partner a special priced “partner” ticket! Once you are registered, just email us for the secret link! 

What are the dates for CA Live 2020?

The event is April 21st - 23rd "Stay Tuned for Reschedule dates" in Bucks County, PA. (50 mins North of Philadelphia) 
Other Questions? Email us at
Concierge Academy Live is Unlike Anything 
You Have Ever Experienced Before . . . 
CA Live is a conference exclusively designed for the list checkers and caretakers, the hustlers and the dreamers of the world… The ones who believe taking care of others is one of the GREATEST GIFTS in the world.
Something amazing happens when a room full of entrepreneurs come together to consciously and purposefully focus on building their businesses, creating their dreams, and expanding their personal impact in the world.

Join us for 3 days, and leave prepared, energized, and inspired - 


CA Live is The ONE AND ONLY 3 Day Live Event 
for the Personal Concierge Industry.

At CA Live, you will develop your roadmap to
expand your business, expand your mindset,
and expand your impact in the world.

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