Hiring a Team for Your Business

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Hiring a Team for Your Business

kelly and hiring a team/how to increase sales in your concierge business

I’m coming in today to open a higher-level conversation with you about hiring your first team member. Whether you have hired a team in the past or have never even thought about it yet, you should still read today’s newsletter.


First up, though, is to ask yourself if it’s “time”?


When is the right time to expand and hire help in your Concierge Business? Find out here: Is it time to expand?


Now that you’ve decided it’s time or you’re at least considering what that might look like for you… I want to share some things with you!


When you’re first beginning the process, I will tell you that everyone and anyone will say, “YESSSS – Hire me!” Most people think what we do is cool. They love the idea of doing things for others. They love the idea of getting paid to run errands for people. Annnnd most people LOVE to spend other people’s money!


But what most people aren’t prepared for are some of the “not so obvious” things.


I have hired over a dozen people since I started bringing on team. I have only ever fired one. And MOST of my people have stayed with me for 3+ years. One of my team has been with me for 7 years.


I originally thought this wasn’t a big deal – that most people run their businesses like that, until a good friend of mine pointed out that my track record was far above average. And especially is such a niche service.


I like to think it’s because I have a VERY thorough hiring process that I have been tweaking and cultivating for years.


Now, our hiring process is a 20 step documented process and our onboarding process is another 26 steps all before we initiate our training process…


Why am I sharing this with you? Because I want to show you that to do this the RIGHT way – for LONG term relationships and business growth, getting this right is extremely important!


So today I want to give you a few things to “watch out for” when your hiring your NEXT team member.


If you would like to learn our entire hiring system and process, you can shoot my team an email at Support@TheConciergeAcademy.com – We ONLY share this information in our high level trainings and the program starts at $2K. So ONLY serious peeps should apply!


When hiring a team here are some CORE things you want to look for:

  • Does this person have a passion to serve others?


  • Are their skill sets a good match for the clients you work with?

For example. I had an employee who worked with me for 5 ½ years who was a NINJA at organizing closets, pantries and garages. She was NOT a good fit for our senior clients. Don’t put the WRONG fit person in a position just to FILL THE SPOT ( BIG mistake )


  • Test their ability to follow directions. ( you wouldn’t believe how many people never get past this part )


  • Does their lifestyle fit your company’s needs?

I lOOOVE to hire moms – they’re the best! They come batteries included! Meaning most have knowledge of running a home and juggling multiple things. BUT – a NEW mom or one with 3 “littles” at home will NOT be a good fit. If one of their children gets the sniffles and has to pick someone up from school – YOUR clients are last on their priority list.


  • Make sure they don’t need/require a FT career salary. In this type of business, when schedules can shift week to week … You don’t want to take on that responsibility.


  • Look for someone who is willing to speak up FOR your brand – they need to be able to articulate what you do with others.


  • Make sure you hire someone who takes personal responsibility and doesn’t BLAME others.


  • Be sure your ideal candidate thinks like an integrator and NOT like an Entrepreneur! If so, they’ll quickly become bored and want to “do their own thing”.


  • Be sure you do a thorough intake evaluation.

You need to know allll the things! I interviewed a woman several months ago. Her initial intake info was AWESOME! She would have been an AMAZING fit for our team – except for one thing. She was HIGHLY allergic to cats and dogs. Even though we don’t really do much pet care – I can’t be responsible for sending her into a home that “may” have a dog or cat.


This is great overview of things you’ll want to think about as you’re hiring a team, my friend!


Our process is long and thorough. We do what we call “hoop hiring” – We make our candidates “jump through hoops” before we ever spend a MOMENT of time with them on the phone or face to face.


Why? Because 90% never make it that far.


Hiring someone to your team is a DEEPLY intimate project that requires, your time, your energy AND your money. This is how we streamline it.


Here’s to Expanding Your Impact!!


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The nuggets are gold. The step by step saves you YEARS of “trying to figure it out on your own”.


There is NO reason why you shouldn’t be with us this year!


WE believe in you!




Mad Love…




Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a successful business, I have decided to help other budding entrepreneurs do the same! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that Work for our industry!


It’s not always easy to build a service-based business. Many see it as an intangible, but you can build a profitable and flourishing concierge business!

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