How to Achieve Any Goal

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September 8, 2020
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How to Achieve Any Goal

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Last week I had a conversation with someone who felt like she wasn’t where “she should be” …

It’s a story I hear all too often and one I have told myself on more than 1 or 10 or 50 occasions…

But to tell you the truth it’s the right of passage of success…

It’s the same thing we tell our kids in school. “Don’t give up – just keep going – you can do it – ask for help – let’s get you a tutor for that advanced calculus class…

YET – we don’t have the same love and care for ourselves. I wonder why that is??

Many people look to me and don’t see the hard work, commitment, long hours, big mistakes, things going right, and all the anxiety I have had along the way to building my business from the ground up …

Many people see my “after” but don’t understand the journey I have been on for a decade now…

So today I want to help you learn how to make SUCCESS … INEVITABLE XO

It’s a simple 4 step process…

I want you to write it down for yourself so that you can remind yourself – day in and day out …

Follow this process and success will become inevitable:

  1. Declare Your Goal
  2. Identify all the obstacles that are in the way of reaching your goal
  3. Make a list of the strategies you’ll use to overcome each obstacle
  4. Action each strategy until you reach your goal

This is all you have to do to achieve any goal …

Goal → Obstacles → Overcome → Action  → Repeat

It’s the SAME system I still use today with my team during our weekly huddles…

What’s the goal

Where’s the problems

What is getting in the way

How do we fix it

Make a list of ways

Do the things until we get to the desired outcome …

Sometimes the list of actions requires us to do something internally.

Sometimes we need to STOP doing things. Sometimes there’s a system we haven’t put in place yet.

Often times we need outside help and expertise to help us as well.

So, my friend – what BIG goal are you working towards this year? Is it a money number? Is it a new client goal? Are you working on nailing down how you’re going to price your services? Maybe you haven’t figured out how to get clients yet?  How can you achieve your goal?



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