Stop Indulging in Busy Work

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September 1, 2020
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Stop Indulging in Busy Work

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When people work with me in the Academy – one of the things we institute right away is a marketing calendar! It’s one of the first things we tackle, and to be honest – it often meets resistance and discomfort from my students!!

Why? Because MOST people are NOT used to having a systematic approach to their week OR their marketing.

This is ESPECIALLY important for those of you who are:

Getting ready to navigate a VERY unique Back to School schedule (I’ve got one doing online college this semester, Emma who starts 11th grade and my youngest who starts his 1st year of HS – so I FEEEL your pain!)

Maybe you are balancing your FT or PT job while you get your business set up on the side.

Perhaps you are even caring for aging parents while focusing on your dream of having your own established business.

Wherever you are RIGHT NOW – I want you to learn one thing!

STOP indulging in BUSY work!

People spend so much time wasted every day – focusing on “busy work” and things that don’t move the needle forward. Then when you spend all your time in an unfocused way – you don’t get the results you’re expecting – when you don’t SEE the results you want – you get deflated… and that’s when people start giving up ☹

I see it all the time …

But when you CARVE OUT focused TIME to work on the things that really move your business forward, when you focus on gaining clarity, understanding who your right-fit clients are, what their struggles are, how you help, what to charge, how to market, how to be found in the market place, THIS is the work that MOVES the needle forward.

Most people though spend their days “spinning in confusion”, or researching one more thing, or comparing themselves to one more person, or doing things that don’t help you get more clients… THIS is where most businesses die on the vine… they die on the vine of confusion and busywork.

You have to learn HOW to best use your time!

When you do the “right” work, you end up with new clients, new contracts, speaking opportunities and more income, but when you “do the work” it also changes WHO you are, and ultimately, who you become.

If you’re not doing these things consistently, this is a great reminder that you COULD be missing out on opportunities and honestly losing business… (unless of course, you have soooo many clients that you don’t know what to do ? – that’s an entirely different conversation).

So HOW can you be more committed and focused with your time and STOP busy work?

You could:

  1. Carve out a chunk of time dedicated to running your business that forces you away from your desk/kids/pets/house, so the distractions will be less, allowing you to focus more. This time needs to become “non-negotiable”.
  2. Always have a handle on your numbers and a revenue plan for the year (so many entrepreneurs when I ask them how much they’re averaging per month in sales – they have no clue ☹).
  3. Have identified stretch goals, growth goals and financial goals at the beginning of every year.(or you’ll never know when you’ve actually achieved something).
  4. Then you should have a plan for HOW you’re actually going to achieve those goals. A goal without a plan is just a statement.
  5. Know what makes you the most money in the shortest amount of time. What projects or services give your bottom line the biggest boost?
  6. Be part of a supportive group of entrepreneurs who face similar issues in running a business and understand the stresses you experience.
  7. Have all your marketing on a systematic rinse and repeat schedule that is always generating leads for you, even when you’re on vacation.

Several weeks ago, the students in the Concierge Academy and I had been working together during one of our implementation (action – also known as our “get shit done days”) days. It’s a day where we carve out 2.5 hrs to come together and work together to DO the things that are always being pushed off…

At the end of our work time together, I polled the group to get their feedback.

Why was it so important to come together and do the work? And what did they get out of it?

I wanted to share the impact with you to encourage YOU to be sure you are carving out the time to DO THE WORK!!

The side effects of carving out time to DO the work, as stated by my students:

  • Increased confidence, trust and belief in myself
  • Trust in the process – that as I DO – the bigger impact it has on my business
  • Reminds me of “who I am” – the true authentic me (not the person who fears doing things)
  • I become better at “asking for help” and then recognizing when I need it!
  • Gives me the opportunity to – “Power through the fear” and do the work.
  • I see big momentum when I can actually see the progress I’ve made over the past few months.
  • It gives me an opportunity to do those things I’ve been putting off, that I know as I DO them bring results.
  • I have an increased understanding of HOW this marketing stuff really works.
  • I can see the goals I set earlier this year getting closer (in the past I set goals but never really reached them on my own)

So my friend…

Are you inspired to doing the Money Generating work and STOP doing BUSY work that doesn’t move you forward??

If so – I want you to come join us LIVE ( from your own living room ) for 3 FULL days at Spark Live ( The Virtual Live Event ) where you’ll have the opportunity to DO THE WORK that moves your business forward the most!

How would it feel to walk away after 3 Days with your VERY own 0-50K Business Roadmap?

How would it feel to know EXACTLY what to do to grow your business step by step? To make more money. To attract clients and to do good work in the world??

If that’s you, be sure to join us THIS year at Spark Live!

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We still have an entire 4th quarter to ROCK it!! But doing things the same ole way gets the same ole results…

And to be honest – when we’re together – we have suuuuuch an amazing time!!

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