Are you stuck with this one thing?

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August 17, 2021
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Are you stuck with this one thing?

Are you stuck with this one thing in your business?

This week, I’m going to tackle one of those pesky questions that is asked oh so often!

That question being, whether or not you should put your prices on your website?

I know when I first started my business it was one of the first things that I struggled with.

So, I did the one thing that I’m sure everyone else has done in our industry. I looked at what “others” were doing!

I went and searched out, read, and reviewed as many other concierges’ websites as I could find. From California to Florida and a number of places in between.

What I found confused me even more. Some websites had prices listed. And others did not.

And honestly, most websites felt very “FLAT” and uninviting to me.

Today, I want to give you the real answer as to whether or not you should put your prices on your website, and the answer may not be exactly what you were hoping for!

In my 11 years of being in business, it still comes down to one answer.

Personal preference (I told you, you may not like my answer – but wait there’s more!)

You actually get to CHOOSE what works BEST for YOU – but most importantly, what works BEST for YOUR ideal clients!

How will THEY search for information? These are things you need to know and understand.

Do YOU KNOW who your right-fit clients are? Have you gotten clear yet?

If not – be sure you join us at Spark Live our 3 Day Event in October.

Over the course of 3 days together we will design your concierge business, map out EXACTLY how you’re going to monetize it (including pricing + marketing) and I’ll show you how to SCALE your business to 100K and beyond.

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Prices ON your website or NOT:

The Benefits to posting Prices ON your site –

· If your pricing isn’t on your site, people need to either email or call you to get those rates. Responding to emails and voicemails could take up valuable time. When prices are ON your site, potential clients can figure out what your services will cost them without you having to respond to every phone or email inquiry.

· Listing your prices on your site allows you to weed out those people (the tire kickers) who aren’t your right-fit clients because they aren’t committed to getting the help or paying for it.

The Benefits of NOT posting your prices on your website –

· Allows you to have a one on one conversation with the person who is inquiring about your services and you can help them understand how to BEST use your services (This is IDEAL if you sell services as a “Membership” Model – also something we’ll be discussing at our Spark Live Event).

· If you’re new in the industry and are “testing” out your rates. This allows you more flexibility and you won’t have to change your prices multiple times on your website until you “get it right”.

· You may offer a variety of services/packages and charge different rates.

· Learn how to talk about WHAT you do – get into the minds of the people who need you – and learn how to get REALLLLY good at making offers.

Whatever you choose, know that –

You can change your mind LATER (so in the beginning – you may want to talk to as many people as possible – but once your business is busy and flourishing – you may want to put your rates on your site and let people make that decision on their own).

Posting prices works VERY well for some segments of the market and in other segments of the market – getting someone on the phone to discuss what they need and how you can help is the better route. And personally, I’ve seen people have success with BOTH!!

It’s your choice…

PS: Spark Live Oct 21st – 23rd (This will likely be our last event of this kind ever) Don’t miss your chance. It’s life-changing!

Last year, several people “walked in”– confused, scared, overwhelmed, and completely unsure of themselves…

BUT, as they walked out –

They were excited, inspired, alive with passion, clear on what they needed to do, and ready to STOP treating their business like a “side hustle” and instead decided to become a BOSS.

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Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a multi 6 figure business, went from a team of 1 (me) to 8 employees in under 5-years and won multiple awards, my passion is helping others create the same success for themselves! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy, I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that work for concierges, caretakers, assistants, organizers, and other “helper” businesses.

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