Top 3 Things You Don’t Need to Market Your Concierge Business

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4 Steps to Marketing Your Concierge Business
March 12, 2019
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April 16, 2019
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Top 3 Things You Don’t Need to Market Your Concierge Business

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The crumpled dollars in a garbage basket

Market Your Concierge Business with These Tips

This week I want to tackle one of the biggest frustrations with where to invest your money when you’re starting a concierge business. If you’ve ever wondered how to market your concierge business, be sure you don’t get caught doing these things.

But first…

This morning I am walking into a lovely, local hotel all prepped for CA Live 2019! I am so excited to spend 2 days with these amazing Concierge business owners from around the country. Together we’ll be talking about pricing, sales and business growth. One topic we’ll be looking at is where to invest and where to save your money.

In addition to the excitement of CALive, there’s LOTS of buzz happening right now because I’m about to open the doors to a BRAND NEW Group Coaching Program JUST for concierge and service-based peeps).

We’re about to launch “Ignite Your Business” a 6-month marketing, visibility and mindset challenge!! Are you ready?? Are you ready to be challenged??

But you have to wait a couple more days until I fill you in all the deets!!

So be sure to WATCH your email!! As we get ready to make the big announcement!!

Ignite Your Business Challenge/And because I am silly excited about this new program – I’m sharing a sneak peek pic for you!

But enough about that! Let’s get to this week’s juicy topic!!

Throughout your business, you will be presented with opportunities to grow or invest in programs, advertising, logo designs… you name it!

But there are some places you should NOT waste your money when you market your concierge business!! How do I know?? Guilty!! Been there… done that. Spent money on things I didn’t need and delayed spending in other areas where I would have grown faster…

So if you have ever considered some of your marketing strategies and where to drop some duckets… do NOT do it here!

Here is my top 3 list of things you DO NOT want to waste your money on:

1. Freebie Giveaways to “highlight” your services

Yup. Totally got sucked into buying boxes of pens, and note pads and even tea cans! I was told that I needed freebies to market to people. That having my name on stuff would make people aware of our services…

I’m reorganizing my office this week and being harshly reminded of how much money I spent on chachkies that brought in no business!

2. Print Advertising

Print advertising generally does not work for our industry. Yes, there are a few ways you can utilize print to your advantage (that info is for a later post), but generally speaking, dropping a few hundred bucks for a ½ page ad in a local paper or something similar does not yield.

Here’s the thing. We sell a very personal high-quality service and you can NOT connect with people via a newspaper ad in that capacity.

3. Welcome Wagon

This is also an avenue I tried early on in my business. I had a contract with a “Welcome Wagon” type company for a year when I first started out. It sounded like a sound investment. A great way to be seen in the community to new, overwhelmed homeowners!! And this company supplied a tangible gift to the new homeowners’ as well!! A great place to use my new chachkies!! Right??

Wrong. ☹ (womp womp) It was a zero ROI for me or my business.

Now to be completely open, I believe this type of advertising DOES work tremendously for other businesses and I have even coached another business just this past week to utilize this type of marketing as part of her marketing plan. But alas, not for us…

There is a psychology to buying and in our industry, this is NOT how we tackle the pain points people are experiencing…

So when you are presented with these types of opportunities, you are more prepared to make an informed decision as to how you prefer to invest in yourself and your business….and it’s not a bobblehead that someone can put on their desk!

Don’t waste your money honey!!


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