3 Apps to Run Your Business From Your Phone

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September 3, 2019
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3 Apps to Run Your Business From Your Phone

As entrepreneurs we live busy lives – am I right? And if you have kids, 4 leggers, or aging parents, you’ve just added more responsibilities to the list. In addition, if you’re anything like me – you are CONSTANTLY on the go! Because your feet, sneakers and heels are always on the ground, moving, many times we need to be able to run our lives and businesses from that little device we call a cell phone. We have it attached to the hip, in our pocket and even in the bathroom with us (don’t even lie – you KNOW YOU DO!) So, today I want to fill you in on the 3 MUST HAVE apps I use to run my business from my phone.


Chances are you are also running much of your business from the road and these 3 apps will totally help you do so, effectively and efficiently.


MileIQ: For Mileage Tracking


People ask all the time how to track their time and mileage. As you are building your concierge business, remember that your mileage is a FULL reimbursable expense. Whether you’re driving for a client or to a Chamber event or to the Airport to join us at CaLive2020! You ARE coming next year, right?? – You can click that link right there and get on the waiting list – (hint hint) you REALLLY should. ?


Mileage is one of the biggest forgotten business expenses for business owners. And I want to be sure you are taking FULL advantage of this business expense, otherwise you’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table.


“MileIQ automates mileage logging, creating an automatic, accurate record of the miles you drive. No more hit and miss mileage logs. Accurate records mean more mileage deductions for you and less stress all year long.”


Oh – and a NINJA Bonus I found out recently is that if you use Outlook 365 – You have a FREE account with MileIQ, all you have to do is log in with your Microsoft credentials …. NINJA!


Slack: The #1 way I communicate with my team!


OMG!!! This app has transformed my productivity and my email inbox! I have to admit, I resisted it at first because I really hate learning new technology. But after several of my other entrepreneurial friends told me about how it transformed their lives, I decided to give it a shot. My team and I use Slack to communicate 90% of the time – and because of this it eliminates 90% (or more) of the emails we once used to send back and forth to each other. We use this app for our weekly huddles and daily updates as well as communicate with not only my Task Complete staff, but also with the contractors I use for other behind the scenes tasks.


It allows you to create group conversations, as well as one-on-one chats, to handle multiple projects, priorities, and plans all at once.


Asana: How we manage and track EVER-RY-THANG!


I’m not sure if you saw the video I did a while back but I talk about how we use Asana to track and project manage everything in the business. From creating our systems and documenting how we do everything in the business. From how to follow up with a prospect to how to onboard a new client, everything gets added and updated in Asana.


As a concierge who is responsible for managing lots of projects and tasks for clients this is a GREAT resource for keeping track of everything. Even if it’s a reoccurring task – you can set reoccurring tasks, so you won’t forget to change the batteries in that fire alarm every 6 months! Plus, you get to “check” the box and when you do, flying unicorns and yetis happen (you’ll have to trust me on this one)! ?


BONUS APP: For Podcasts listening on the RUN


Many people have iPhones and use – Apple Podcasts


But for the Android Users out there like me – I LOVE Castbox! (it’s so super easy to use)  


I honestly was a little late to the Podcast party, but now I can’t live without my daily dose of inspiration. My love of podcasting and binge listening happened during the Winter of 2018 (I told you I was a late adopter), because I drive 3.5 hrs to my beach house. And while you’re driving through one state to the next, you lose your fave radio station right! Normally I would listen to self-development CDs in my old Mom van, but since I got my new wheels 2 years ago – my new car does NOT have a CD player. I guess I’m too old fashioned LOL!


So while on my drive, what better way is there to be inspired and infused with good energy and information?


There’s such a wealth of information out there. Even if you’re not driving 3.5 hours to your beach house, it’s a great way to stay informed and inspired while you’re driving back and forth between clients. ?


If you aren’t already using these Apps I encourage you to try at least one! And if you have a must-use favorite App that has helped transform the way you do business, let us know about it.


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