Planning for 2022 (We do THIS first)

Do THIS before Christmas
Do THIS before Christmas
November 30, 2021
How Much Money Do You Want to Make This Year?
How Much Money Do You Want to Make This Year?
December 14, 2021
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Planning for 2022 (We do THIS first)

Planning for 2022 (We do THIS first)

I know many of you are likely in the hustle-bustle of the holiday.

But I have 1 SERIOUS Question!

Real tree or Fake? ( hit reply and let me know lol! And then I’ll tell you MY answer to the ole nighty question!

Be sure the read through because I have a Gift for you below and this will tell you HOW to use it!

In January, my students in the 100K Club and I will be doing a 6 Hr Strategic Planning Day together.

I take them through the 9 Step Process I have used every year since 2013 that I use to set goals and plan out the upcoming year.

Imagine what it’s like to come together and at the end of the day know EXACTLY what you’re gonna focus on for the entire next year!! YUP – EPIC!

This is an exclusive benefit for my 100K Club Members ONLY…

BUT before we get to the “planning” day for next year It’s OOOOBER important to review last year!

There are numbers we track.

Percentages we track.

Progress we track

Plus a few “clean up” things too so we kick off the New Business Year with a BANG!

And to Help YOU  I have a copy of our End of Year Checklist that is like an early Christmas gift for yah <3

You can GRAB Your COPY Right here!

This link takes you to a Google File – Please make a COPY and Save it for yourself!


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