How to Sign a New Client in 4 Easy Steps

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How to Successfully Start A Concierge Business
May 14, 2019
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May 28, 2019
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How to Sign a New Client in 4 Easy Steps

How to Sign a New Client/startin a concierge business/Build a Personal Concierge Business/How to grow a Concierge Business/

The Right Way to Sign a New Client

This week I want to talk to you about starting a concierge business and how to sign a new client. Because when you sign on a new client the right way, it yields a better working relationship, a clearer understanding of business procedures and in the long run helps you create a long-term relationship with your new clients!

When I first started my concierge business, all I thought I needed to do was have the “idea” and a few flyers. I quickly learned there is so much more to starting a concierge business. One of those things that eventually happens – is – you get to actually MEET that first potential client!

It can be soooooo super exciting to sign those first few clients. And it can also become overwhelming. Today I want to share with you some of the more important things that I learned in my own journey!

But before I share with you my 4 step process to sign on a new concierge client, I want to tell you I have a SUPER COOL NEW resource for you!!

I know when I started my business, everything seemed so “new and unknown”, because let’s face it, it really was so new and unknown!!

When I started, I had no systems, no processes for ensuring a positive experience. I had nothing – nada.

I literally had to create EVERYTHING from scratch!

So, my friend, I wanted to help shorten your learning curve! I just created a BRAND-New Concierge Starter Kit.

In this Starter Kit, I take away all the “guesswork” for you!! When a potential client calls you, emails you or perhaps sends you a request through your website – and you aren’t sure how to follow up in a non-salesy way – I give you the EXACT information that WE use when following up with prospects AND after networking events! It’s all in our new starter kit!!

PLUS, I share with you a document my team and I use each and every week in my business that helps us TRACK where we are in the business, if we’re on target to reach our goals, and how to NOT drop the ball when you follow up with someone 2-3-4 times and they don’t call you back!

If you want to take the guesswork out for yourself, and been more aligned with creating a sustainable business, check out the Starter Kit!! Not only do we have over a dozen different forms and documents that YOU can model and use for your own business – but I also recorded a VIDEO that explains and teaches you HOW and WHY to use each of these forms/templates and handouts in your own biz!!

Cool right!!??

Click here to check it out!! Seriously, this Starter Kit will save you hundreds of hours “trying to figure it out”. Then you get to put those hours back into actually GETTING business!

Here’s my 4 step process to sign on new concierge clients:

1) Set a time for a personal Meet and Greet

Once you’ve identified that this person/potential client is truly interested in the services you offer, the best thing to do is have an in-person meeting. At this meeting, you want to build rapport, connect face to face and eye to eye. This is where you get to allow your personality to shine so that you can easily connect with a potential client. People need to know that you are who you say you are.

Now I will say, we’ve been in business for over 8 years and at THIS POINT, many of our clients actually sign up with us before we even have our Meet and Greet. This ensures us that we aren’t doing a bunch of “in person” evaluations with people who aren’t truly vested in doing business with us. This came after years of getting clear on who our clients are, what they need most and how we can help.

But in the beginning, all of our initial meetings happened in person. This is a scope of learning and one you will improve upon year after year.

2) Do a full needs assessment

Not every client has the same needs, so it’s super important to put your listening ears on! You may want to offer A-B and C services, BUT in reality, what they need most right now could be D-E and F services.

Do NOT try to “sell” a client – EVER! Instead, listen for what their needs are and then ASK them how you can help.

What are their biggest issues and concerns that are negatively impacting their life? How can you align (align – not sell) what you OFFER, to help them with those needs? When determining wants and needs, you are listening not selling!

3) Offer the “right” service

Once you know what they truly need, what services and or packages do you offer that would BEST serve their needs? This is all about being of service to someone else and NOT just trying to make a sale for yourself. You need to always remove yourself from the equation. Otherwise, this process will feel icky and no one wants to feel icky when they’re building a business.

You should present your services based on what your client (or potential client) told you was important to them. It seems so simple yet so many people make this mistake.

When you give what they need, you build rapport. When you build rapport, you show up as a leader in the world with their highest good in mind.

4) Allow them to choose

Allow your potential client to choose between 2 or 3 packages/options that would align with what their desired outcomes are. Do they want more time on the weekends to be with family? Do they want more time to focus on building their own business while YOU manage all the mundane tasks getting in the way? Perhaps what they really want is an organized office that feels welcoming.

This is where you get to be the Superhero by showing them these amazing solutions you have for them to choose from.

The longer you are in business, the better you will become in actually KNOWING what they need.

As your skill set develops, sales become easy – because you are always focused on “aligning” with your clients and NOT trying to “sell” something.

Your Assignment This Week

Spend some time getting clear on what you are providing before you sign a new client.

You always want to sell on value, NOT price. What is the BEST solution for meeting their needs and helping them obtain the solutions they so painfully desire?

And if you need a repeatable and reliable way to track what you’re doing, and the tools to follow up – go grab the Concierge Starter Kit and put it into place RIGHT away!


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