How I Can Take Time Off As a Business Owner

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July 3, 2018
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How I Can Take Time Off As a Business Owner

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I’ve had a lot of people asking lately how it’s been possible for me to take so much time away from my 2 businesses this year. So, I wanted to take this time to share with you the reality behind my recent time off, and specifically how I can take time off as a business owner.


I will tell you it didn’t just happen overnight! I had to put a lot of work and effort into setting up the business, the support within the business, the right team and the right marketing. AND most importantly, the right systems in the business to allow me the time and space to travel this year. But more importantly, be able to pick up and leave when my family needed me the most.


It’s always amazing how the universe helps us become who we are meant to become and sets things up in our lives for us even when we’re not paying attention.


You see, since Fall of last year, I started getting really clear on the purpose of my business and the structures that needed to be in place in order to live a life by my own design. Until then, I was very much like every other entrepreneur out there.


I was afraid to take time off – that I would “miss” a call. I was afraid that my team couldn’t manage everything on their own without me. I was afraid my students would not want to work with me if I wasn’t always available. I was afraid of losing money. I was afraid of losing momentum. I was afraid that if my community didn’t see “ME” – no one would hire us. I was also afraid that if I didn’t carry the “energy” of the business – it would just implode.


But you see, in late Fall 2017, I decided I was going to take a trip to Europe for 2 weeks. So, at that time I started thinking of all the places within the business that would NOT hold up while I wasn’t here. THAT is where we began restructuring, reorganizing and prioritizing how we do what we do at Task Complete.

  • We started re-shifting the team around so that we had better overall support.
  • We started getting really clear on the mission and systems within the business.
  • We started prioritizing our daily actions (such as Money first – Fires second).
  • We started looking down at the business as its own living breathing thing. That it COULD survive and run and GROW without “me”.

This was the beginning of the creation of a new business and NEW lifestyle for myself and my team.


I had no idea what the universe really had in store for me these past few months.


You see – sometimes we have to “do the work” before we know what the outcome is really going to be.


In April I had a life-changing personal event that knocked me down for a few weeks and I’m still navigating through now (this was something that completely blindsided me).


Then my trip to Europe became a 3-week unplugged vacation instead of just 2 weeks.


Then my FIL who had been fighting with dignity the worst type of brain cancer possible needed us to be by his bedside unexpectantly – and my husband and I packed our bags and flew to NC for several days without a second thought. Again, when he passed away, we needed to take several more days off to fly again to NC with our children for his end of life services.


I had a son navigating a college hunt. And then he graduated from HS.


We had booked a family trip to Hawaii. AND we started the process of building a shore house last Fall as well.


The universe last year – nudged me along to BUILD the systems and to let go more. To allow my team to support me more and more. It’s a lesson the universe has been trying to teach me for a few years now.


Have you ever had the universe nudging you to do something and you keep ignoring it? It starts with a whisper, then a tap on the shoulder, then a brick – then the universal 2×4?


This past year has been a complete realization of what the universe wants me to do and listen to – and often times it isn’t easy.


But had I NOT begun to listen in the Fall of 2017, I would NOT have been prepared for what was coming.


Your Assignment This Week


This week I want you to really just center and begin to ask yourself – what is being asked of me at this moment? How am I getting in my own way? Where do I need to step into more personal responsibility towards my own dreams?


Then next week I’ll share with you what we did and the systems we put in place that were the safety net for this crazy past few months for my family and me.


I hope that this helps YOU prepare for your NEXT big evolution!



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