Do this to hit your $ goals this year

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June 22, 2021
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July 6, 2021
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Do this to hit your $ goals this year

Here we go – 6 months down and 6 to go to hit your financial GOALS this year!

Are you on track?

Are you on track to meet your financial goals?

How about your impact OR growth goals?

If you are – high five and awesome sauce! ?

If you’re NOT – there’s still time to shift gears, get serious, and start really looking at WHY you are falling behind!

Let’s have you be sure you are FOCUSING with the intention of GROWING.

And here is exactly HOW we do that!

If you’re NOT focusing on hard data such as numbers and statistics in your biz, you’re setting yourself up for an epic fail.

Numbers really are sexy XO

Do this to hit your $ goals this year At Task Complete, every week we track important numbers in our business. My assistant and I review and update what we call the “scorecard.”

What is the “scorecard” you ask?

A scorecard is where we track specific numbers in the business – such as our marketing efforts, referrals, % of rebooks, income and expenses (just to name a few).

By looking at our numbers each and every week, we can catch things faster!

Decrease in rebooks = a decrease in sales which = a decrease in profit.

No new leads coming in? Where did we fall behind in our marketing?

Your role as a business owner is to realllly know and understand your numbers.

Too many business owners “wing it”, and that there my friend is a recipe for disaster.

When I started “tracking” things in the early years of my business, I only looked at numbers on a monthly basis.

I figured, hell that’s a lot more than MOST business owners track numbers.

But as I became a more conscious business owner, I realized – why not track and look WEEKLY!!

Monthly = 12 chances to see what’s really going on – 12 chances to catch mistakes, shifts, or problems in the business.

BUT, if I tracked things weekly, I have 52 chances to catch problems!!

Doing this ONE thing in my business revolutionized where and how we focus our time and efforts!

And the reality is, you can’t hit a target you can’t see – so by tracking and watching your numbers weekly you always know what is really happening in your business.

I wish someone would have taught me that in the beginning!


Because when you’re only in business for yourself – you’ll move deadlines, say no to opportunities just because, cancel your networking memberships – all the things that self-sabotage! Because the reality is – you’re only answering to yourself!

But when you have a team and grow and have to pay taxes and make payroll – Girrrrrlllll we got a whole set of new incentives to keep you focused on those numbers!

Whether you have an assistant or not – make this weekly meeting a MUST do in your business! Even if your meeting is with the TOP employee of the company – YOU!

Here’s what to do:

1- Create a scorecard of numbers that when you track and record it will give you a bird’s eye view of what is actually happening in your business
2- Put a reminder on your calendar once a week and update those numbers (we do Monday mornings)
3- Track and tweak where necessary

I hope this helps you become clear on How to HIT those GOALS by year-end so I can celebrate you XO



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  1. Nickie K. says:

    Amazing information! Just told my very supportive hubby yesterday that I was going to need him to meet with me weekly for a business meeting for my new business so that I wasn’t the only one there and he could get updates on things I was doing!

    • Kelly Testing says:

      This is awesome Nickie!!! Absolutely bring someone in to run your meetings with!! What ever support you need – ask for it!

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