4 Ways to BOOST sales right now!

How to Get Lots and Lots of referrals in your concierge business
How to Get Lots and Lots of referrals in your concierge business
November 16, 2021
Do THIS before Christmas
Do THIS before Christmas
November 30, 2021
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4 Ways to BOOST sales right now!

The holiday season is ideally a Concierge’s DREAM!

The holidays notoriously are a high-stress time of year because busy professionals and business owners alike are juggling the increased time constraints that come with holiday prep, travel, visiting family, volunteering, school events, holiday parties and just trying to keep it all together!

You’ve now have had about 6 weeks to “boost sales” by taking advantage of the “holiday season”.

Problem is …

Most people don’t know how to take full advantage of the “season full of holidays”.

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to be sharing an AMAZING opportunity with you so that THIS is never a problem for you again.

But until then… I’m going to share 4 ways you can BOOST your holiday sales RIGHT NOW!

4 Ways to Boost Your Personal Concierge Business during the Holidays:

1. Highlight WHAT you do for clients through pictures!!
A picture really does speak 1000 words! Be sure you are using PHOTOS of the work you do! Have pictures from the decorating or gift buying you did last year? Use them again this year! Pictures (just like testimonials) are an amazing and FREE way to promote to SHOW others the magic you create for your clients!

2. Understand WHO your customers are.
Like with any marketing, knowing who your buying customers are MUST be at the basis of all your marketing. Who needs you most right now? And more importantly WHY do they need you? Make sure you are conveying their biggest needs and desires through your marketing.

3. Get on the “PROMO” bandwagon.
The holiday season is a GREAT way to reach NEW customers and clients. Come up with an easy promotion that your ideal customers will say YES to. Decide on a holiday “special” that you offer new customers to “try” out your services this year.

4. The Integrous “Offer”
Some marketing experts call this the “Upsell” – but we believe that we don’t need to “SELL” our clients. But you should certainly be “offering” to help! Who do you already work with that could use MORE love and support during the holidays? Call them and remind them of ALL the ways you can help eliminate holiday stress.

Your assignment this week my friend…

Plan out YOUR Holiday marketing and get to work!

Make sure you’re focusing on finishing this year strong while also being of greater support to your community and current clients through your Holiday Marketing!!

When I first started my business in 2010 – My first “real holiday” season was 2011.

As the holiday season rolled around, I kept thinking – Hmmm – “I think I should do something special for the holidays” …

But by the time I got around to it – it was too late…

The next year – I tried to plan out the holidays again – AND yet again – I failed miserably!!  It was partly because I was getting “busier” with client work in general and ALSO because I wasn’t planning properly…

That’s why every year – I take my students through and show them step by step HOW to successfully market during the holidays and how to PLAN in a way that makes $$ right away. We spend 4 straight hours together mapping out each action and step from November 1st through Dec 31st.

So be sure you spend some time this week planning and mapping out how YOU will use the 4 Ways to Boost Your Personal Concierge Business during the Holidays.


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