You Need to be Doing This Every 90 Days

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September 22, 2020
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You Need to be Doing This Every 90 Days

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I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but we roll into the 4th quarter later this week!

2020 seems to be a challenge for MANY … unless you’re in my coaching program – those gals are ROCKINNNN IT!!!

We have had people hit their first 10K month (that’s HUGE!!)

A number of my other students have hit 4-5 and 6K months (all during Covid)

Sooooo my friend – don’t let what’s happening “out there” impact you’re “in here” ?

So to help YOU make the most of your 4th quarter, I want to remind you what you should be doing EVERY QUARTER ( if you’re serious about your business growing )

The 5 things you should be doing EVERY 90 Days!

1. Create a (one page) business plan for the quarter…


What were the goals you set earlier this year? If you were part of The Concierge Academy Strategic Planning Day (way back) – go back and pull out those notes!

What 3- 5 Goals will you be focused on for this Quarter?

Then add the tasks that need to be accomplished to achieve each goal, what you’re your measurable milestones are, who’s accountable for each task, and what’s the deadline for each task?

2.  Financial Maturity starts here

If you haven’t yet organized your books, this is something you NEED to make a priority. You wouldn’t believe how many women get into business and have NO CLUE how much they even made last month …

LADIES!!! Don’t be afraid of the numbers!! Numbers are SEXY and show you things in “real time”

Whether you work with an accountant, or you do your taxes yourself, make sure you’re tracking and update ALL your numbers from Q1 so that you can move into Q2 more organized.

You may want to look at things like:

    • Profit and Loss statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Cost of goods sold (including beginning and ending inventory amounts, materials and supplies, etc.)
    • Expenses (marketing, utilities, travel, depreciation, business insurance, office supplies, training costs, home-office expenses, etc.)
    • Pay Outs for 1099-MISC

3.  Clean your Office and shift the Energy ( this is the Voodoo stuff right here )

Don’t you roll your eyes at me!! Haha

You may think I’m kidding but as you’re reviewing the past quarter and preparing the next quarter… there’s NOOOO time like the present to regain your space AND your momentum!

Purge the files, old documents, and books you’ll never use again. If you’re a student of mine – pull all your handouts and assemble into one binder.

All those piles on the floor that you’ll “get to later” … I SEE YOU!!

Creativity spawns chaos and yet we need calm to become creative ?

Which basically means your office will likely look like mine – Nice and neat and orderly one day – a hot mess of thoughts and ideas all over the floor the next ?

But what I have learned is that a neat space allows for the abundance to flow <3

4.  Review Your Numbers

If you haven’t heard this from me before I want to just put a little reminder out there for you that you LEARN from what you track…

In my 1 year coaching programs I share with each of my students our tracking spreadsheet – it’s a full comprehensive excel document that we fill in on a weekly basis.

I share all the details plus the rationale and understanding behind it and how we USE this document to pivot our efforts on an ongoing basis.

By doing so it gives you a broad overview of what’s happening INSIDE your business every week.

Some things we track are:

    1. Sales
    2. Pipeline
    3. Sales Conversions
    4. Marketing conversions

If You want to be considered for enrollment into our coaching programs: keep your eyes open – we have some exciting news coming!

5.  Let’s talk MONEY honey

People often ask me about pricing and how/when they should raise their rates…
There are several “signs” that it’s time to increase your rates, but one of the things I know to be true is that it’s imperative to get yourself OUT of a “transactional” business as soon as possible.

Transactional businesses can not scale in the same way a “Membership” based business can.

Wherever you are – in the “opening my doors” phase or have been in business for a decade. I always recommend looking and reviewing your ricing structure to make sure it’s still in alignment with your goals AND make sure it’s allowing you to be profitable!

If you are still struggling with “pricing your services” – My TOP recommendation would be to invest in yourself and set your business up for success by grabbing the Pricing Training I put together for those who are tired of playing the “what should I charge” game.

As a matter of fact – I even updated and added a bonus training TO the course-  I teach you how to STOP doing “free consultations” wasting your time driving to people’s homes and what to DO instead ( which btw saves soooo much time and heartache ) …

If this is what you’ve been struggling with : You can access that training here:

Ok my friend…

I know that this 2020 has been CRAAA-ZY so let’s put some yummy focus on finishing 2020 STRONG!!! ( no matter what is happening OUT there )

Part of building a profitable business is being aware of where you are and where you’re going along the journey. Quarterly business planning and reviews is HOW you get there…



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