5 Business Strategies to Help You Finish 2018 Strong

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5 Business Strategies to Help You Finish 2018 Strong

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As we roll into Thanksgiving this week, I know I personally have 3 things on my mind:

  • First and most importantly I can’t WAIT to have all 4 of my kiddos together for Thanksgiving!! Having a (soon to be) 30-year-old daughter and one away at college means we’ve been shifting to a “4 person” family at home recently. AND I’ve planned to have Thanksgiving at our NEW beach house this year. ? (Eeeeee!! So excited.)
  • Up next is keeping our EYES on the goals we set for 2018 and finish STRONG!
  • And last but certainly NOT least, because my brain has been on FIRE the past couple weeks… is thinking TOWARDS 2019 and what I want to create next!

So today, I want to give you 5 business strategies to help you finish 2018 STRONG – AND prepare to PLAN for 2019!

As the final few weeks of 2018 are upon us, you may have mixed feelings of excitement, exuberance and perhaps even feelings of despair too.

This is a totally “meaty” post today – so be sure you take notes! Or even print this sucker out and work on it this week.?

Do you know if you are on target to reach your goals this year? I have watched MANY an entrepreneur decide, “Fine – for the rest of the year I’m gonna just enjoy the holidays.” And they put off and look away from the things and goals they SET at the beginning of the year.

Most people find themselves in THIS situation because they either:

  • Didn’t PLAN at the beginning of the year.
  • Set unrealistic goals that had NO basis of reality.
  • Gave up mid-way or got distracted along the path (we entrepreneurs tend to get distracted a lot!)

But I do NOT want you to start poo-pooing yourself now – we STILL have the opportunity to kick butt the last few weeks!

So let’s dive into 5 things you can do THIS week to prepare to finish strong!

1. Review YOUR current numbers.

Where are you now? How many clients do you have? How much income are you creating monthly? How much have you brought in THIS year overall?

I WILL tell you – I know soooooo many people who totally AVOID looking at numbers. There’s something about people fearing the reality of what those numbers are saying. But WHAT then is the driving force to reach a goal if you have no idea where you even are along the path to reaching those goals?

2. Where’s the GAP?

Are you CLOSE to reaching your goals? Perhaps you’re nowhere near what you planned financially. OR – even better – you TOTALLY ROCKED this year!!

By identifying the gap, you can go into the last few weeks of the year with your eyes WIDE open.

3. Review your CURRENT strategy.

What’s the list of marketing activities and mindset shifts you mapped out this past year? Are you on track? Have you fallen behind? Look at that list NOW! What are the TOP things that you can still do that will move the needle forward?

I personally reviewed some of my BIG action items for this past year. I realized the things that I CRUSHED and then had to get real about the things I fell short on. It’s OK – this is NOT an exercise in self-mutilation, but rather an eye-opening exercise!

4. Avoid distraction.

THIS is NOT the time to start a bunch of NEW things. DO what you KNOW works! Stay the course. Implement consistently the things that have worked for you in the past. If you took my Holiday training course, keep moving your effort forward. Do not divert from the plan now.

Here’s the thing. We entrepreneur type brains LOOOOOOVE to start new stuff. A little of this. A little of that. Oh, oh – I can do THAT too. Oh, oh – yes – a REBRAND will get me more clients. Oh, oh – have you heard that Instagram is like THE place to be these days? JUST STOP IT!!!

5. Plan for a REWARD!!

How will you reward yourself this year when you reach your goals? A massage? A new fabulous handbag? Taking your honey out to a fabulous restaurant? Whatever it is – is up to you. And then SEE yourself in THAT celebration!

It’s soooo easy to forget that we need to CELEBRATE each and every milestone along the way. OWN your successes. The reality is that every time we reach a goal, we set a new one. It’s the elusive mountain. We see this big-ass mountain ahead of ourselves… and we PUSH to tackle it. Then we get to the TOP. Instead of jumping up and down, we look out into the horizon and see a NEW, BIGGER and BETTER mountain! And then we immediately head off in that direction. Without EVER even celebrating all the progress we just made.

OK, my friend!!

As a high achiever who most likely has ambitious and perhaps even aggressive goals, the best thing you can do for yourself is to set yourself up with a STRONG foundation and meticulous planning for 2019.

This prevents you from waking up day to day “trying” to figure out where you’re next client will come from or how you’re going to consciously grow your business this year.

To effectively plan for 2019 – There is an expansive list of questions you’ll need to address and ask yourself. And how best to approach the NEW year than with your Concierge peeps??

Most people have a big picture goal in mind. And some have an idea of what to do to get there. But most fall short on truly mapping it out.

That’s why last year – I started taking people through a FULL day planning process. We not only map out the financial goals but the JOY based goals we want to experience in the new year too.

Building a business is more than just hitting big cash goals. But to stay the course long term, it’s imperative to remember that you have OTHER goals and dreams as well. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a cycle of “doing” that inevitably leads to burn out. This isn’t just about making money – this is about creating a business and LIFE that you LOVE.

Do NOT miss this opportunity for strategic planning for 2019! Your mind will be BLOWN by what we cover, what we discuss, the goals we create and the exact “how” to get there for your own business.

You can still register here and the fee to join us is only $99 for the FULL day! Click here – SIGN ME UP!!

Last year one of our Concierge peeps took the planning day – and THIS was her outcome!

My goal was to do 35 Pre-Listing Prep projects for 2018. My team and I have completed 80 for the year as of yesterday and have 3 more scheduled this month. Your Planning Day course made me think outside the box. The pre-work we did was helpful because you had each step written out, and the FULL DAY video conference was a great way to connect with my peers. It allowed us to share our experiences and brainstorm together. I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of starting a Concierge business and those who have been in business for years like myself. It made a huge difference in the way I ran my business in 2018 and ultimately crushed my goals!

~Zan – Can

Here’s the thing my peeps. You can’t control the specific outcomes, but you can control the actions you choose to take to get there. Let’s chose the GOOD ones! ?

If you have any questions about the Strategic Planning Day, please reach out to support@theconciergeacademy.com.

Let’s finish…. and continue… STRONG!


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