3 Ways Your Business Mindset Holds You Back

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January 7, 2020
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3 Ways Your Business Mindset Holds You Back

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Why do some people thrive and achieve, and others barely seem to get off the ground? How is it I can coach 2 students with the EXACT same strategies, and one will make very small progress and the other will start from scratch and hit $50K within 2 years?
When I started my business in 2010 and sat down to figure out my one-page business plan and my SWOT analysis – I never realized that my OWN MINDSET would be the ONE THING that would sneak up on me when I wasn’t looking.

I want to take today to analyze your business mindset by seeing if you have been telling yourself these 3 stories that are KILLING your progress.


#1: It’s too hard.

Have you ever found yourself up against your resistance point? Everything feels like it’s happening to you. ( I totally had this feeling when 2 of my core team members gave their notice within 5 days of each other ?)


Perhaps in these moments you want to play the martyr? Why me?? Woe is me. 

I personally don’t normally play the victim or the martyr, but I know many many people who go to that response system when things  (let’s face it) get HARD! 


A few months ago, I was listening to a podcast and the host said something so simple yet so profound.  “We can do hard things!” 


Here’s how to flip the switch on that story: 

Instead ask yourself: “What would make this situation easier?” 

“What if it WERE EASY?” 


When you find yourself at that resistance point – ask your own mind to help you find a way around it!

#2: I don’t have any money. (AKA – I can’t afford it.)

“I really want to hire a web developer to help me get my website up and running. But I can’t afford it.”  OR  “I really want to do this course – but I just don’t have the money.”


The truth is that we spend money on things that we perceive to be more important. And often times we spend money without thinking about how it will serve our growth. Like the $7 Starbucks every day.


So, for example. Perhaps you want to invest in a $300 course, and you tell yourself you can’t afford it.


Instead ask yourself the question: “How CAN I afford this?”


Perhaps you can save $10 a week for the next 30 weeks. Perhaps you forfeit dinner out once a week for the next 5 or 6 weeks? Perhaps you ask for the money as a birthday gift this year. We are always so quick to say “I can’t afford it” but without actually trying to SOLVE the question of HOW CAN I?


That happened to me in 2012 when I went to a business conference. It was an amazing 3-day journey of mindset and business growth principals. When the presenter turned around and offered us the opportunity to join her 1-year mastermind. The cost for that mastermind back then was $7K!! I immediately thought “I can’t afford that” – but instead I went up to my hotel and mapped out a plan for how I COULD!!

If it’s important enough TO you – you WILL find a way! And if it really isn’t that important to you – that’s ok too

#3: What if I make a mistake?

Not gonna lie…. This has been one the BIGGEST stories I have told myself over the years (and if I’m being honest, I still get stuck here sometimes too). It’s as if when we hit a fork in the road, we become terrified of making a “mistake” and choosing the wrong thing. And because we become afraid of choosing, many times we just stay STUCK in INDECISION! (Eeek… just me, huh?)

But here’s the SIMPLE truth:

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not experimenting enough.


Building a business  is a fascinating journey of self-growth! Every day, there will be new fears to face, new technologies to learn, new boundaries to dance around and new issues to solve.


What IF … no matter what you choose to do in that moment was the RIGHT decision? Because all paths and plans will lead us to where we are meant to go?


If you knew THAT… would you make decisions faster?

This is just a small sampling of the stories we tell ourselves and the business mindsets that hold us back, of the self-sabotaging things we say inside our own minds – whatever STORY you’re telling yourself
– I encourage you to find a way to FLIP that conversation between your own two ears so that you can create a better outcome for yourself and your business…


What’s the story you tell yourself most often? What’s your business mindset? Share with me in the comments below!

I promise not to judge! Cuz quite frankly – I’ve thought all the things too. I’ve just been on a fast-track to rewiring my own mind.

Cheering you on from behind my computer …




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