What is Your Word of the Year?

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January 1, 2019
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What is Your Word of the Year?

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We are already ONE full week into the New Year!!

How’s your start been?

I know personally last week, every day I was asking someone “what day is today”?? Did you feel the same?? The weird – kinda lost – kinda want to be on vacation – and kinda wanna just KICK in the New Year type feeling. ?

Well, now that we get to change the calendar and dive into the New Year – with rejuvenation, excitement and an array of possibilities – let’s talk today about capturing the essence of your New Year!

A few years back as I was planning for the New Year, my husband and I were talking about the changes we wanted to make. At first, we started using the term we always used – New Year’s “resolutions”.

Quickly I started to feel pulled down instead of lifted up! It kind of feels like a life sentence to something you will likely fall from in about 30 days anyway (as evidenced by how PACKED my gym gets in January, but come mid-Feb it goes back to normal ?).

So that year, I used the word “intention”. We planned our year that year on “intentions”…

So for example, we “intended” to:

  • Go to the gym 3-4x a week.
  • Have a date night at least once per month.
  • Try new restaurants instead of the same ole same ole’s.

And all of a sudden, everything we actually wanted to do felt fun and possible and NOT a life sentence!

Then about 3 years ago, someone turned me on to the notion of a “Word of the Year”. Have you ever chosen a “Word of the Year” before?

It can be fun! And sometimes, if you’re like me – it’s like you search and search and search for this “ONE WORD” – oh the pressure! Lol

But I did! I started using one single word that would be MY GUIDE for the year. The thing I could always go back to.

But I actually have a small word of advice for you! When you choose your word of the year, make sure you truly look at it. Because everything in life (including your word) has a light side and a shadow side.

Let me explain…

In 2017 my word of the year was “deserving”. Seems harmless enough!

It was the year I finally got consistent help at home with my kids. It was the year I let someone go in my business. It was the year I fired a client.

I “deserved”:

  • The highest level of support in my home life.
  • The best level of support in my business.
  • To be treated well.
  • To be paid well.
  • To take a day OFF!!!
  • To take 2 weeks of vacation (that was a first in the 6 years at that time since starting my business).
  • Really – whatever my heart desired … right?

BUT – that was ALSO the YEAR – the universe gifted me with the LIFE LESSONS that came WITH THAT!

So, in my “deserving” I had to:

  • Fight my mental demons telling me I didn’t need that help at home.
  • Fight the hurt when I had to fire someone in my business for the first time.
  • Feel strong enough to speak up when I felt undervalued.
  • To stop giving my time away for free and ask to be PAID for my time and 6 years of experience and expertise
  • and maybe be “not liked” in the process.
  • That the demons in my head were WRONG when they told me I couldn’t take a day off. (Fighting those inner voices are the hardest, aren’t they??)
  • Had to FEEL through the “guilt” and mental anguish when I took 2 weeks off. (And while I was on that 2-week vacation, had a Team Member take a new job -only giving me 2 days notice over a holiday weekend. Mind you, she was covering ONE client for 50-55 hrs a MONTH!)
  • And many OTHER lovely opportunities to LEARN the life of “deserving”.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Certainly NOT to scare you – but to prepare you, my friend. We are HERE on this planet at this time in life to GROW and EXPERIENCE and that does NOT happen in our comfort zone. That does not happen without some shit going wild. But it is YOUR JOURNEY to step THROUGH the pain at times. To walk through the flames … and to be brave enough to GROW!

So, when you choose your word this year – put it on an index card – or find a pretty printable online that you can color. If you’re artsy, draw something beautiful that represents your word.

Whatever tickles your fancy.

Keep it in front of you in your office to REMIND you that everything in life happens FOR you my friend – not TO you. XO

And be READY with open arms for all you are willing to let in and all the growth that WILL come with it!

So – you may be wondering what my “word” is this year – and honestly, I don’t always play by the rules … and this year I have several. Several words that will remind me of who I am. Several words that support the goals I have set forth this year. Several words that will guide my GROWTH this year …

And when I get REALLY clear – I’ll come back and share with you, ok? ?

Comment below and let me know YOUR word! I would love to help hold that space with you. XO

Here’s to kicking ass in 2019

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle baby …

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