Why I Leave My Family to Grow My Business

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February 20, 2018
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March 6, 2018
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Why I Leave My Family to Grow My Business

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In 2 weeks I’ll be hopping on an Amtrak train and headed off to CT for my quarterly mastermind meeting and leaving my family behind! It’s not easy leaving your hubby, kids, and business behind, but it’s something I KNOW I need! And quite frankly – I reallllly enjoy it! Every quarter I travel to meet my Mastermind Group and business coach. It’s the thing I committed to years ago in my business. To always give myself what I need to consistently grow my business!


Some people like to throw money away on local ads and direct mail – but me – I know I get MUCH better results stepping AWAY from my business for a few days!


Even when my “business” was just me – I committed to taking care of myself and my business by actively learning and submerging myself into marketing, social media, SEO strategies, pricing models and growth strategies.


What I’ve learned from taking this time away – is that I NEED it!


Here’s the thing. Sitting at my desk day after day, phone call after phone call, email after email, networking event after networking event, follow up after follow up can be emotionally DRAINING!! I’m not gonna lie, leaving my hubby and kids isn’t easy either. (BUT – it IS getting easier now that they are older!! You see, I’ve been doing this for over 4 years now!)


So WHAT are the benefits of stepping AWAY from your business for a few days – and joining a TRIBE and group of like-minded peeps?


5 reasons I Leave My Family Once A Quarter To Grow My Business!

Maybe some of these resonate with you?


1. You’re no longer “alone.”


Being part of a group/tribe of peeps that “get” you – You’ll be part of an exclusive community of other like-minded professionals who understand the unique struggles you’re going through. Experience and knowledge are crucial to all involved.


2. You get to extend your “network.”


Extend your network. Joining a mastermind group expands your network exponentially and rapidly. If you are a concierge, you know how important it is to have resources that go well beyond your own backyard! By joining a mastermind, you instantly add to your network and increase your client delivery capabilities as well! Making you a bigger Rockstar for your clients!


3. Promotion OUTSIDE your current network.


Here’s the thing – you never know who someone knows! Collaboration is the name of the game. I have ended up with clients because someone I KNOW knows someone in my neck of the woods. It’s always GREAT to expand your network.


4. Exponential Growth


Everyone in the mastermind is unique and has unique experiences. Whether you want to exchange marketing ideas or ideas on pricing or even how to improve customer service, collaborating with others in your field is a SHORTCUT to success!


5. Thinking Bigger


One of my most favorite things about joining a mastermind of people who are several rungs UP the ladder from me is their ability to INSPIRE me! You can’t help but think bigger and be stretched beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.


As I said  – it’s NOT easy packing up and leaving for 3 or 4 days BUT the payoff happens in more ways than one.


I come home feeling “refreshed”, ready to tackle the world – ready to tackle my business. There is a new surge of energy! I feel loved, supported and like I KNOW I’m on the right track. It’s the side benefit of being with other like-minded professionals, and how better to celebrate a group like that than joining us at CALive 2018!!


Come on …. You KNEW I was gonna invite you right?? You know why??


Because I KNOW the value of stepping away. I know what it feels like to be surrounded by people who love and care for you and your success as much as they want their own… and I WOULD be a shitty friend if I DIDN’T invite you…


You know why? Because there is NO OTHER event LIKE this. It doesn’t exist! That’s why I CREATED it!! To bring people like you together, so you don’t have to feel alone in building your business.


Will you join us??


Your assignment this week:


If you haven’t registered yet, we do have a few spots left and I would LOVE for you to take it!! Oh, and another side benefit, you don’t even have to COOK! Ha!!


OK – I’ll see YOU in Yardley, PA on April 4th and 5th – cool??


Here’s the link and details right here ….


CA LIVE 2018 – the ONLY event of its kind for Concierge business owners.


Do you really want to wait another whole year to have access to this Business Growth event?


Time is running out and seats are limited. Don’t be sitting on the sidelines – JOIN US TODAY!


CA Live Logo/theconciergeacademy.com


Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a successful business, I have decided to help other budding entrepreneurs do the same! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy, I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that Work for our industry!


It’s not always easy to build a service-based business. Many see it as an intangible, but you can build a profitable and flourishing concierge business!

Be sure to grab your FREE checklist right now! 111 Ways to Grow Your Concierge Business

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