What to do when the calls stop coming

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May 5, 2020
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May 19, 2020
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What to do when the calls stop coming

red telehpone isn't ringing and business is slow

It’s inevitable.

Whether you’re brand new to business, or even if you’re pretty established.

You’ll find times while building your concierge business where things may seem as if they “stopped” or “slowed down”.

And let’s be honest, the past 2 months have certainly shifted things for us as well!

Have you experienced this before? Last month kicked ass, but then this month seemed to fall flat. The calls stopped coming in.

If you haven’t gotten your business to the point yet where the phone (or email) requests come in pretty regularly yet, don’t worry – this will work for you, TOO!

So today I want to share with you the 4-step process I created that has helped me hone in on what really works in regards to building my concierge business.

When you’re experiencing a “lull” in business the most important thing you need to do FIRST, is to stop – and breathe and realize that this is NORMAL!! Do NOT beat yourself up! No matter what your shitty little brain or those unsupportive peeps in your life tell you.

Building a concierge business (any business for that matter) will ALWAYS experience ups and downs. Ebbs and flows.

Once you’ve settled your brain down, the next thing to do is to USE THIS TIME for reflecting and investigation!

Here’s what I want you to do:

1. Go back and look at each and every month this year in terms of sales

2. Then track your marketing efforts the 6-mons leading up to each of those months in regards to your marketing, were you on track? Fall off? Or perhaps you weren’t taking consistent action because you were unsure of what to actually DO?

3. What did you STOP doing that impacted your sales in the following months?

4. What WERE you doing the 6 months BEFORE an awesome month?

When you start approaching your business this way – you STOP treating your business like a side hustle, leaving your results to chance, and START treating your business as a way to make money to contribute to your family!

I’ll share one of the things I noticed last year…

Last year when I did this review, I had calculated that we sold higher packages to clients who came to us via referral. So, we used this information strategically as we mapped out our marketing plan for the new year.

Being in business is about learning how to THINK strategically and USE the data in front of you. It’s your JOB to consistently be reviewing and course-correcting along the way.

When you start approaching your business this way, I guarantee you’ll see shifts in your results!

Now for all my peeps out there that aren’t “realllly” marketing. Or who sit and wonder and waste hours upon hours of their days “trying to figure out what to do” – I want to speak to you for a hot second!

If you’re still struggling and trying to figure out “what” you should be doing – STOP!

This is where you have 2 choices.

The way I see it is:

1) You can continue the course you’re on. And you’ll continue to get similar results.

And if you’re killin it – and are completely happy with where you are – High 5 my friend!! Get down with your bad self ?

But if you’re NOT happy with where you are…


2) Until you CHANGE what you’re doing you won’t get the results you desire.

Because what you did to get you here is NOT what will get you there … or you’d already be there ❤


So, for YOU my friend, if that’s YOU – I want to HELP you and champion you along the way!

I know how hard it is and how shitty it feels when you sit there day after day trying to hustle your heart out and NOT see improvements.

I’ve been there! And it SUCKS – big time!

When you start to doubt yourself because the results you’re getting aren’t what you desire…

And you feel like the “only person” out there that’s struggling like this…

You begin to lose hope…

Not on my watch!

That’s why I started coaching others over 5 years ago. To give people the answers I struggled so hard to find. To give people the solutions that are hiding from view. To support YOU to build something you’re PROUD OF!

And if that’s you, I encourage you to stop trying to do this all alone!

A few weeks ago we opened the doors to our Ignite Group Coaching Program and the people in the program have already taken tremendous action and shifted the way they are marketing, setting new goals, and takin action baby!

Here’s my challenge to you!

EVERY WEEK focus on ONE thing that you can shift in your business, find ways to Step OUT of confusion and “wondering what to do” and INTO ACTION that creates results!

We’ve opened our doors for just a few quick days, so if you want to hop in with our current class. do so NOW or you’ll have to wait until Fall!

The ” all-new” Ignite Your Business Program is 12 months of coaching, strategy, community, solutions, and accountability!

– 24 weekly action assignments

– 6 Group “implementation” days ( we call them Get Shit Done Days )

– 2 Group Open Q+A sessions each month where our students bring ALLL their questions and are able to get 1 on 1 direct feedback and support from me AND the group

– PLUS our Private FB forum where you’ve always got access 24/7

Why am I telling you all this now? Because I’ve heard from a few people who missed the deadline to join when we launched a few weeks ago, and you too may be regretting the decision…

So this is ONLY for those few of you that are ready to jump in RIGHT now! https://theconciergeacademy.com/ignite

Naima says what she loves MOST about the Ignite Program is…


MARKETING knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!

MARKETING consistency.


Answers to questions that come up as we go along.

Goal setting.

Follow up networking processes.


Being able to connect with other personal concierges around the country. That has no price.”

So, if you want to have the same experience and watch your business grow 1000% in ONE year like Naima’s did … Hop in we’re ready to welcome you ?


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