The BIG Mistake I Made (Only Once)

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July 20, 2021
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August 3, 2021
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The BIG Mistake I Made (Only Once)

I’m gonna share a quick story with you about a big booboo I made when I first started out, it’s a mistake – I ONLY made once!
I was already in business for about a year when I had gone to this local business networking event that had a guest speaker who was this BIIIIG marketing guru who just happened to live locally!! You know, one of those people who when you see them you get all jittery inside because they are such an ICON to you!
Well, it turns out that later at the end of this big event the said “guru” had been parked right next to me in the parking lot!!
He chatted me up real quick about what my business was and asked for my business card!!
Until womp womp… I reached into my purse and then frantically started tossing things in my car hoping he wouldn’t notice because I did NOT have a business card!!!!

This was a self-smack in the face kinda moment.

I could NOT believe it! I always had business cards, but not today, the day I needed it the most.
So, my friend, NEVER LEAVE home without it!! 
The BIG Mistake I Made

Your assignment this week:

1. Always have business cards on hand! Keep them in your car, all your purses, even your workout bag! Because you never know when you might be able to educate someone about the services you offer! So right now… go check and make sure you have plenty!

2. And as a bonus… Always be talking about what you DO! When you’re in line at the grocery store, talk up your business. When you’re picking up kids at school, be talking. When you’re dropping off your own dry cleaning, be talking. And then put those business cards to good use!
I bet I left you hanging, didn’t I?

You’re wondering if I ever connected with said “big guru”? Yes, I did!!!

But it took me months of social media stalking and a few emails that needed to get through his assistant before we connected… But he DID become a client!! He was one of my biggest clients for 2 years.

In business we are often looking for the NEXT BIG THING to do – to get a new client. Sometimes it’s as easy as having a business card on hand.


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