How to Set Your New Year Business Goals

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November 18, 2019
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How to Set Your New Year Business Goals

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A couple weeks back I locked myself away at my beach house for 2 full days to sit and prepare for planning my 2020 new year business goals. It may sound like a simple process – “let’s plan” –  but in reality, I take my “planning” very seriously.

You see, a few years ago I did one of the WORST things I could possibly DO when it came to my business planning.
I looked around at OTHERS.

I used the “highlight reel” of others to make decisions on what I “wanted” in my life. BIG mistake!! So, I want to start off today by saying, STOP THAT!

Do not look AT and TO others in what you “perceive” is their reality and set goals on what you think you “should” do. Planning needs to be done strategically in order for it to really work.

Instead, set your new year business goals for YOU and for YOUR lifestyle!

No two people are the same. Each of us has a different “why” behind our business. We each have a unique set of circumstances and life at home. You may have 4 children like me. Or perhaps you’re caring for an aging parent – or parents. Perhaps you still have your corporate job, and THIS is the year you’re planning to bravely step out on your own.

Trust me, I did it too. I looked out to others. I saw someone speaking on big stages – I wanna do THAT! I saw someone create a new segment to their business – I wanna do THAT (I really actually hated that). I allowed my comparison monster to lead me, instead of my DIVINE self. 

But about 4 years ago, I started looking at my business differently. I stopped looking at it as the be-all, end-all – and pulled back a little. I decided what was TRULY important to me and I focused on THAT! I truly believe that THAT is the exact recipe that helped me go from making a “little” money to creating a life with MORE time off, more freedom, more clients and MORE impact. And as a side benefit, I created enough income to say YES to a dream of having a beach house.

OK – so back to the “planning” I did last week.

First, I started by visualizing and planning what the future looks like for Task Complete in 2020.  I also plan for growth and impact through The Concierge Academy as well. ANNND I have a non-profit. (In case you aren’t aware – you can check out Operation Panda Healing here – but wait ‘til you’re done reading this post. ?)

But – above ALL that – is the plan and focus I put on the OTHER important areas of my life. Like my family and my relationships. Because without those, none of this means squat!

Part of my business planning strategy is LEARNING from the last year and what my BIGGEST lessons were. Because it’s through THESE lessons that the BIGGEST growth happens.

If you want to join me and some other rock star concierge peeps while we plan out 2020 – you can still join our Full Day Planning Session. (I’ll give you more deets below).

Use Lessons from Last Year to Set Your New Year Business Goals


So today I want to share with you the biggest lessons I learned in 2019 …

Here goes! And these “lessons” are probably NOT what you expect… 
  • The thoughts I think are what create my reality.
  • Everything I desire is on the other side of FEAR.
  • Limits ONLY exist in the mind.
  • I enjoy LARGE amounts of quietude, self-reflection and spiritual nourishment time (or I lose my shit)! (This was a theme that started in 2018)
  • What I do NOT plan for doesn’t get done.
  • I LOOOOVE spending time with my husband in deep ways (dreaming together).
  • Be willing to FAIL. But do so failing forward.
  • I have NOT been fully showing up. 
  • The more “focused” I am in my creation – the better the results.
  • Release the “how” – and just STEP IN with faith and ACTION. (carry over from 2018)
  • I need lots of time moving my body through song, dance, zumba and long walks in nature.
  • Doing “technician” tasks keeps me from the “BIGGER”. (continuing theme from 2018)
  • When inspiration strikes – take IMMEDIATE action.
  • I NEED to stay connected to like-minded high vibrational people. (I’ve been craving this more and more)
  • I experience a lack of passion and boredom when I am NOT listening to my soul’s call.
  • I need to schedule MORE play time. Otherwise I find myself in front of my laptop filling the days unproductively.
  • I DO my best work when I have LOVE and accountability.
  • Some days… I’m just overwhelmed by fear.
  • I still feel like “who am I to ________” (Bet you can relate, huh?)

So, my friend, I would LOVE to see you do this exercise for yourself!!

What have been YOUR biggest lessons you’ve learned this year?

Your lessons may be COMPLETELY different, because our lessons evolve as we evolve. When I was first in business, I know MY lessons were things like: Don’t undercut my prices. People like having different payment options. To expand I need to hire a team. Getting worker’s comp insurance SUCKS! (haha!) 

Be WHO you are and be WHERE you are  … It’s all a journey anyway.

OK – so this year if you want to do MORE of this transformational work and planning, let’s plan out your BEST year yet, shall we??

The Strategic Planning Day is FOR you if you want to PLAN for your business growth next year! If you want to avoid the “what should I focus on today” conundrum. If you want to think “outside the box.” If you want to get creative in your marketing. Or you just HATE planning alone!

I am teaching you and taking you through my business planning process – STEP BY STEP!

This is a “LIVE” virtual class. So, you can join from anywhere in the country.

This is the process I DO EVERY year to set new year business goals and then MAP OUT HOW I am going to reach those goals.

The training will be held Thursday on Jan 2nd. 10AM – 3PM (EST) We will break for lunch. The class will be “virtual”. All you need is a computer or cell phone to join!

I will supply you with pre-work that needs to be completed before the event so that YOU come prepared!

The class WILL also be recorded and you will receive the recording, so you can review it over and over to help keep you ON TRACK this year.

PLUS, to make this Planning event like none other …

We also have a BONUS Day booked for you on Jan. 7th at 2PM EST where we’ll take what you map out on Jan 2ndand break it down even further – so that you have your entire 1st Quarter marketing and projects laid out in front of you <3

The cost is only $147 to join.

This is FOR you if you’re ready to expand yourself and your business in 2020!

But don’t MISS your opportunity to register – with the holidays coming up – you WILL forget! So, do yourself a solid and sign up TODAY – right here.

,  hope to “see” you there! ?

Rock on!

– Kelly
Oh!!!! And P.S. – Whenever you’re ready, we have a few other ways we can help support you as you grow your business!

Here are a few additional ways we can help!

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If you have any questions about any of these resources, please comment below and let us know.

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