How to work with aging adults

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June 1, 2021
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How to work with aging adults

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As I sat this week thinking about what nugget of information, I could share with you that would help you “get out there” in a bigger way – I had a HUGE insight!!

Why not share with my readers the “stories” behind what it is we do and through MY STORY, maybe you’ll be inspired to think about your business and your marketing in a beautiful new light…

This is a story of how we work with aging adults – BUT it’s also a story in how we “market”.

This is MARKETING that sells…

I hope you enjoy it…

May was nationally recognized as “Older Americans” Month.

It’s a month to celebrate the contributions of our senior population.

It’s a time to recognize the variety of ways that our elder population has contributed to our families and communities in their lifetime.

We at Task Complete have a special place in our hearts for our senior clients and love providing our senior concierge services to this celebrated generation.

Over the years we have had the privilege to work with so many amazing men and women. We know that we are able to make a difference in their lives, but the greatest gift is the difference they can make in ours.

Yes, we offer companion services and errand services for seniors but what we get from them is amazing as well.

How to work with aging adults

I’d love to share a few of our stories with you.

Last year we assisted a sweet woman who was widowed and in the early stages of dementia. We were called in to visit a few times each week, grocery shop, prepare meals, run the laundry, keep her company, etc. This sweet lady loved to talk about the days of her youth. Turns out she was a Holocaust survivor. She had an amazing knowledge of European history and shared the most fascinating stories with our team about her experiences of travel and escape.


We currently visit with a couple of ladies who reside in care facilities. Our one lovely lady doesn’t have a family to help care for her. We received a call to help one day from her power of attorney. She was in need of new clothes, and he reached out to us to see if we could help shop for her. Not only did we shop but we began a multi-year relationship with bi-weekly visits. She looks forward to that time each week with her special companion. And we make sure she gets the care and attention she needs.

 Another senior lady friend of ours also looks forward to her visits each week. She lights up each time she sees our team person come to visit. She’s even been known to call our team members on the phone because she’s lonely and wants to talk. Over the years as we’ve gotten to know this sweet lady, we’ve helped replace her television when it stopped working. An occasional trip to the library to bring her books keeps her entertained with her love of reading. We have also learned she has a secret passion for cheeseburgers and treats. So, you can be sure that the occasional Happy Meal and sweet treat arrives with our team to make her day!

It’s our privilege to serve this amazing generation. Our companion services allow them to age in place longer, receive personal touch companionship and make sure that their needs are taken care of so that they can live their best life possible. Sometimes the folks we work with don’t have much of a family support system (or any). Other times they do, but the family can’t be there as often as they are needed or would like. Work, schedules, and their own families can pull time away from the needs of the senior parents & grandparents. It can be a strain for all.

As we honor our seniors this month, consider taking some extra time to spend with a senior family member or neighbor. Check in and see if they need anything. Bring them a treat. Or better yet, just sit with them and talk. Our senior population is a gift to us with their knowledge and life experiences. It would benefit all of us to make time for them. And if you know of any seniors who are in need of additional assistance to maintain their best quality of life, please consider referring them to us. This is work we live for….

So, did you enjoy those stories?

Did you see how beautifully marketing can be done? THIS is what I teach in my marketing programs – I teach my members how to LOVE Marketing – because when we love marketing – everything else becomes easy …


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